The 1 Reason Brandi Glanville Can't Manipulate Lisa Vanderpump (VIDEO)

brandi glanville

Personally, I think Gwyneth Paltrow should do a show with Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller. I'd watch that. Would you? In today's exclusive video, we've got Kenya Moore claiming SHE paid for The Real Housewives of Atlanta Mexico trip, what I think REALLY went down between Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump, New York City's newest friend-of-the-Housewives Amanda Sanders, and so much more.

nene leakes

There's a reason why NeNe Leakes was dead wrong on this week's Atlanta episode, and it's not just because I have a (current) soft spot for Peter Thomas. In today's video I explain why she's out of line. There's also Porsha Williams' diva demands of Kandi Burruss for the production of A Mother's Love, and whether she's actually worth the trouble.

With the Beverly Hills reunion, I have to say personally as a former castmember, it was the most interesting hour of television in the history of the franchise -- watch and see WHY and let me know whether you agree with me!

sonja morgan

Oh, and New York. And #BookGate. Sonja Morgan, whether she is sane or not, provides lots of entertainment, and it's her willingness to act like a goofball that makes her fun to watch. I'd love to see Sonja go on a trip with Phaedra Parks, wouldn't you?

And LAWSUITS. Last night I joined Nancy Grace to talk Dance Moms and the suits brought by Kelly Hyland against their producers and Abby Lee Miller. If Kelly wins, a precedent could be set that could actually bring down Reality TV as we know it today. I'm not kidding, y'all. Watch and see.

Finally, as a mom, I couldn't NOT talk about Gwyneth. Because ... well ... I had to. See below!

Should Kandi fire Porsha from the musical?


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PamD. PamD.

Interesting, very interesting!!!!!  We shall see how the law suit comes out.  Wonder if the precedent  gets set with this one.  Glad I am not a producer of a Reality Show right now.....they must be all biting their nails over this.

ZamEnt25 ZamEnt25

I can't say this enough: I LOVE THESE!

:) Do you think Porsha is really fired from RHOA?


nonmember avatar Mel

I enjoy your blogs! Your insights in to the world of "reality" are wonderful. I think that when you try to be funny though, you fall flat.

nonmember avatar Nathan Harmon

Let's be honest Alex, does the "friend" ever serve any purpose other then to stir the pot, and be the pitbull body guard of one of the women? You can list them: Marlo, Faye, Jersey Kim, and the lost goes on and on. They only serve to be a centrally hated figure that can stiri up controversy and raise rating. Shockingly in the history of Housewives only one friend has managed to get promoted to "Apple, Diamond, Orange" status. Brandi's the only friend ever to get a full promotion because she carried the show for much of season 2. Great video as always Alex. @Natefame on twitter

wesolo wesolo

This is my first time seeing The Stir and I LOVE Alex McCord!

So refreshing to hear what really goes on behind the scenes from someone who knows.  Thanks SO Much! Can't wait to read and see more of your videos

wesolo wesolo

DO you believe Lisa will be asked back and then agree to stay with RHOBH?

Jane Heller

Love your comments Alex

Cynth... Cynthia.B

Yes #TeamPeter I so think Peter & Cynthia are plugging away for a spin off. I can't stand Amanda just another pot stirrer . I'm so tried of hearing how Brandi don't want to see Scheana ,please if she did not say one word about her to anyone Scheana would have went away but then so would have gone the "Poor" Brandi and her "victim" story line that is all we hear about ,it's either that or what a slut she is now.That whole show needs a makeover or "face-lift" just keep Lisa & Kyle . 

Carol Aldridge-Urquhart

Hi Alex....Loving your take on these shows as always!  Can you explain the "goodbye" line-up comment? Does it mean whoever he says goodbye to first is not returning?  As much as Brandi drives me crazy, I got what she meant when she said "she needs people who stay"  She is the one who drives them away though with her nasty accusations and I hope she gets that one day.  Can I ask if the producers say that Schena has to be there, does they also tell Brandi that she has to be there? & wouldn't know that producers call the shots?  Thanks Alex & see u next week xoxo

nonmember avatar Gummycrazy

A wonderful recap!

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