'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Heather Should Let Carole Fight Her Own Battles

RHONYWhen you are having a fight with someone, maybe don't get drunk in the Hamptons with them. This is what The Real Housewives of New York have taught me. They have also taught me that Sonja Morgan does not quite understand what burlesque is, but ultimately that makes her show even better. All her antics couldn't detract from the confrontation that went down at Lu's after the show.

You'd think they had talked about it enough, but no -- bookgate was the center of every conversation of the evening. Carole tried to give Aviva a wide berth, but her good social skills could only ward off evil for so long. Because it was Heather who went in and stirred up trouble this time. She decided to go after Aviva yet again, rehashing who said what at the party and why they said it. 

I am staunchly team Heather/Carole on this one. But when Heather does stuff like try to talk in a sane and reasonable way to Sonja or Aviva, it is so intensely frustrating. When I see goats on a farm, I just, 'look, some goats.' I do not try to engage them in conversation because I understand that this would be a crazy thing to do. Heather seems to disagree. Because she kept bleating and bleating at Aviva and Sonja, and Sonja and Aviva blinked vacantly and ate some grass. 

The Hamptons are supposed to be where the wealthy go to relax or, if you prefer evening dramas, seek revenge over the course of several seasons. This trip was anything but restful. It was swell that the whole gang (minus Ramona who was in Africa) went to support Sonja. But if they were going to ruin the weekend with a big fight over white wine, staying at home might have served everyone better. 

Do you think Heather should have stayed out of it?


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youth... youthfulsoul

How could you possibly be team Caole/Heather? Carole thinks she's something special and apparently the only author on the planet. She's been self absorbed since day one and she's right in that she has no life other than her work. Maybe she ought to think that one through. Not something to boast about. And Heather should just keep out of it.

Mindy555 Mindy555

Carol used to have such poise and class. I don't what happened to her but her jealousy is showing. Why attack Aviva because she is writing a book? You don't own the market on book-writing, Carol. However, if Aviva is spreading lies about you having a ghost writer,,,I say don't let her get away with it, but your attack because she has never written a book before is showing your fangs. P.S. Sony's performance was embarrassing. I like her but come on....it's time to stop that silliness already.

nonmember avatar bella

How disappointed I am of Carole. I truely thought she was this sweet, kind older woman with class. Boy was I wrong. She has turned out to be this ugly, pretentious ,old woman who really thinks shes someone special because she was married to Jackie O nephew.And her jealousy is such an embarrassment. My gosh Carole grow up. And for Heather mind your own business. Heather be very very careful with your threats, when you come after someone acting your hood...you better be hood, which your not, in my hood you would have been quickly taken care of, so stop...you have children and your behavior is an embarrassment to everyone. God your such a loser! Take your stupid DUMMY TUMMY and shove it.

Dayle Tumbleston Craven

aviva started the whole thing by lying. because she (ghost) wrote a book, she lied on television about carol. you don't do that. and she believed the lie her publisher told her? you don't say things like that without facts. personally, if i were carol i would be suing her for slander. no wonder carol is so angry. then aviva defends what she does. the first thing she tells Lu is about that arguement. what did lu need to know that? aviva is nothing but a gossip. she has to talk. she was a nobody, trying to be somebody because of this show. as far as heather goes. we all need friends like that. when she voices her displeasure regarding what aviva has said regarding carol's life long career (slander), aviva just cannot listen accordingly. she goes on the defense and attacks back. she should just shut up and listen. it was good advice. being called a mo fo isn't the end of the world. if the shoe fits....

nonmember avatar TG

I agree with Dayle. No one implied that Aviva could not write a sentence. It was her hubris by telling Carol she did not write her own books. Carol is an award winning writer. Writing a book is not like writing a paper. or an essay. It was offensive and Aviva should be lucky she hasn't been sued by Carol. My guess is that Aviva was going to bluff Carol and say she heard her book was ghost written and then Carol would have to fess up. It backfired. And in a big way. Aviva clearly wants the love and support of Carol and is also insanely jealous of her at the same time. I think Aviva has lived such a privileged life and fancies herself above everyone. She cannot stand that Carol is a natural in her success. I would personally love to have a friend like Heather. Who wouldn't? Aviva's rendition of the bookgate and Carol calling her names is beyond absurd and anyone who knows Carol knew there was more to it than that. Aviva taking offense at Heather saying she should 'be careful' was no more a threat than the man in the moon. I think it was more advice to her that she could land herself in some legal hot water. Of course Aviva takes it that way. Aviva is the most disturbed and narcissistic and deeply insecure person right next to Kelly Bensimon. I thought it hilarious that Luann commanded everyone to the kitchen and no one moved.

Lisbeth Schilling

The only person in this crew with any class on this episode was Luann. Carole, didn't you ever hear that old adage about how hard it is to gain back a good reputation? You have surely given yours away with your unpleasant attitude. I liked Heather at one time, but she seems to think her adolescent crude language and attempt to be "street" is somehow cute and clever. It's not. She is too old for it. As for poor Sonya, I was embarrassed for her too. Maybe I have outgrown reality tv, but I think I am getting bored with these silly, pretentious women who think they are contributing to mankind with their charity events. And Aviva...well, the apple does not fall far from the tree...

nonmember avatar autumn

I'm team no one on this one. Carole is condescending, arrogant, rude and an elitist snob. She acts outraged every time anyone might intrude in her self-proclaimed turf, whatever that is. Aviva does herself no favors by spreading tales and mean-spirited gossip. Neither party is innocent. Carole should have generously wished A viva well with her book, and Aviva should have kept her mouth shut. Speaking of keeping her mouth shut, that is exactly what Heather should be doing. Her conduct is just as bad. Sonja....good golly. A grown woman her age acting that way...wow. Part of me feels bad for Sonja, but she really should expect more from herself.

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