Kim Kardashian Attacked While Taking Selfie (PHOTO)

Kim kardashian elephant attackThis is shocking and also kind of hilarious news. As we all know by this point, Kim Kardashian has been in Thailand with her family. They are either seeking spiritual enlightenment or they are shooting a very special episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Maybe a little of both.

We also know that our gal Kim has been taking copious amounts of selfies. And we don't hate her for it! We love getting us a peek inside Kim's luxe lifestyle. Even if sometimes it leaves us shaking our fists in rageful jealousy. What? Just me?


Every so often it's also nice to know that Kim's life isn't just a bed of proverbial roses. Like, for example, when Kim's newest selfie, taken beside an elephant (we're calling it an 'elphie' here at the office), ended with a shocking attack. That's right, y'all: An elephant went medieval on Kim Kardashian.

kim kardashian elephant attack

She did, thankfully, survive to tell the tale. And, hilariously enough, there is photographic proof of her encounter. Kim's reaction is priceless. Her ugly scream gives her ugly crying a run for its money. Or something. To be fair, it looks more like elephant just wanted to sample Kim's locks than eat her for breakfast. Who wouldn't want to be all up in that being like, "Giiiiirl what shampoo do you use, also do you have any peanuts?" to Kim if they had the chance? I know I would. It is probably Oscar Blandi, for the record, and I doubt she had nuts of any sort on her person at the time. That is all.

Are you scared of elephants?


Images via Splash News

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