'DWTS' Season 18 Contestant Basically Admits the Show Is Rigged

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Sean Avery Karina SmirnoffMost of the show is real, honest, and impossible to fake -- but after hearing that Sean Avery's exit from Dancing With the Stars last week may not have been because he got the lowest number of viewer votes? Yeah, well, it just adds more fuel to the rumor fire as far as DWTS being totally rigged.

An insider told RadarOnline, "Sean getting the boot from the show was purely political and it stemmed from him being upset about a video package introducing his dance in which they portrayed him as a bad boy/playboy. Sean called the EP, Conrad Green, and told him to go f**k himself and then hung up."

And then suddenly it was revealed that there would be a surprise double elimination, which sent Sean packing in addition to Diana Nyad.

Huh. Seems a bit convenient the way that worked out, doesn't it?

Oh, and did I mention that Sean even admitted that he had a disagreement with the producer? Yep. When he and Karina appeared on GMA after their exit, he said, "I had conversation with Conrad Green, one of the producers. I was upset at the package they had run the week before. It was a very tacky attempt to show me as the bad boy of Dancing With the Stars. I think in reality TV or any competition, if you have a disagreement with the producers, that seals your fate quite early."

OMG. Don't you see what this means? It's yet another sign that the viewers who call in and vote each week really don't make a difference on who winds up being sent home.

Voting is merely a formality -- and producers select who stays and who goes to influence ratings.

Makes sense, don't you think?

Think about past seasons of the show. Haven't you sat there wondering why in the heck some contestants kept coming back week after week when you knew there was no way in hell anyone was voting for them? (Or at least not based on performance.)

Or how about when a beloved contestant suddenly got the boot much earlier than expected. Almost like there must have been some sort of glitch in the voting? Hmm. Interesting.

Of course, this doesn't mean any of us will stop watching the show or anything. Especially with season 18, some of the cast members are just way too inspirational to resist tuning in to see dance each week.

But still, it's sort of a bummer that things may not be as cut and dry as the show wants us to believe they are. Oh well. I guess we don't have to feel bad if we forget to vote and one of our favorites gets the boot as a result.

Do you think DWTS is rigged?


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nonmember avatar SickOfHearingIt

I think we pretty much figured out it was fixed when Bristol made it to the finals.

CAP1015 CAP1015

It is and always has been an entertainment show, not an actual competition. The judging/votes, all for entertainment purposes only. No requirement to adhere to voting/scores. If you believed this was a real competition, you may be one of the people who also think WWF is real as well.

knitt... knittykitty99

I don't see why they needed a double elimination.  If they wanted to get rid of Sean, he could have gone instead of Diana.  I'm not surprised he went early, he probably didn't have a large fan base.

nonmember avatar Sami

Yes, I do believe DWTS is rigged. Loved this show in the early seasons. Now, I only watch when Derek isn't going to be there, and that's never, so I don't watch any more.

nonmember avatar Jacki

I don't think anyone can argue that the producers don't show people in the light that they choose, but Sean Avery being sent home was no surprise. He was a hockey player, and how many viewers of DWTS also enjoy hockey? I'm guessing I'm the only one. Therefore, who is going to vote for him? Not to mention he does not have much of a personality. There is a lot of great competition this season with Olympians, amputees, and nostalgic favorites. He didn't stand a chance!

Avian... AviannasMama

Sean avery had the personality of a serial killer. Seriously every time he was on TV I felt uncomfortable. He scared me! I knew he was going to get kicked off bc he was such a weirdo.

nonmember avatar Guest

Not sure how one automatically assumes that because someone who couldn't play well with others got an uncerimounious boot that the entire competition is rigged. If the guy was disrespectful enough to swear and hang up on the boss, he deserved to be fired. The voting has never been soley about performance, its always been about popularity with some performance added in for good measure. Sometimes the celebrity actually gains popularity because of their talent, others hang in the competition longer because of their popularity. Just sit back and enjoy the ride. Its all good.

Brenda Stanley

There was a double elimation because there was not elimation this week..If Sean was that vain about his package which by the way he did..then he needs to grow up and be gone.

Yolie Scott

Yes I believe it is rigged - that is why I stopped watching it way back when.

Glenda Dixon

No flipping way. He could not even crack a smile. You could tell he was not thrilled to be there.

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