Jenelle Evans' New Baby Is Already Taking After His Mom (PHOTO)

jenelle evansWell, it looks like Jenelle Evans' baby-to-be, Kaiser, is taking after his mama -- and, uh, that may be a good or bad thing. The Teen Mom star just shared the little cutie's "first selfie," and, according to Jenelle, he's even doing duck lips! And, like Jenelle in some of her other Internet pics, he's naked! OMG!

Check him out:

Hee-hee. Kind of adorable, right? And cute how Jenelle sort of poked fun at herself with her caption, "Kaiser's first #Selfie with duck lips! Hahaha can u see him puckering up for us?" She seems really excited to have another baby boy. Maybe she is ready this time 'round? I mean, at the very least, she knows what babies are like and what they entail, whereas last time had to have been a complete shock for her. And her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, seems much more into having a child than, um, Andrew Lewis did. Maybe this little doll will be all right with these two?!

I hope that's the case. But I suppose if it's not, there's always Babs. I'm sure she'd secretly love to have another baby of Jenelle's under her roof.

Do you think Jenelle is ready for a baby this time?


Images via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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eckie... eckielady

"'Maybe she'll be ready this time around"? Her first child is not deceased. She still owes him "this time around".

Kara Shank

why can I never see the pictures on your stories?

RVTMommy RVTMommy

She needs to be a mother to her first son. That poor kid is going to have issues sooner rather than later because of her stupid ass.

Ash3186 Ash3186

I believe everyone deserves a second Chance maybe this baby while make her realize that she has have too and open her eyes all we can do is pray for this girl to do the right things this time around

nonmember avatar heather

I don't think Jenelle needs another child. I noticed that she said that she thinks a baby will bring them closer together (her and Nathan). It just doesn't work that way. I really hate to see her trying to have another baby. That is the last thing that she needs right now. If she wanted a kid, she already had one. Clean up her act for a year and get him back.

Avian... AviannasMama

Wow is this blogger serious? Where do they get the stir bloggers?! It's Jennelle we are talking about. The heroin addict, arrested 10 times in the past 2 years, piece of shit to her first child trailor trash. She's proven over and over she is one person that should not be a mother!!

nonmember avatar Erickanonhater

Just stop with the negative comments. I've noticed that jenelle is trying to get her life together. And have you ever thought that you selfish people with all the negative comments don't get to her and make her want to do drugs? Maybe if you could show her a little support she wouldn't have the temptations. You can't judge someone because of their past you can only judge them in the present, or don't judge at all. My stepdad was in prison for 15 years. He met my mom 4 years ago, but do you think that we judge him because of his past? People can and do change. So grow up and lay off jenelle with the negative comments!!

nonmember avatar Dee Kitchens

Y'all need to educate yourselves on addiction before you go popping off about shit u know nothing about. She's obviously trying to get her life together so why put her down. In all honesty we are all equals and you guys have no place to judge her in the first place. Its sad to watch all of u grown people be so concerned about wtf a young woman is doing. Get off of her back and stfu seriously.

nonmember avatar Mamaled

Some people should just have procedure done at birth to not be able to ever be blessed to give birth n Jenelle should be #1 on that list. Both her n Nathan don't have their 1st kids so having another is a fabulous idea smfh!! Disgusting! I was a teen mom n busted my ass for my child! So there's no excuse! Idk how some sort of state agency did NoT stop her from being allowed to keep this child! Just a matter of time before Barbara has another child to care for. N she don't even want/have/try to get Jace back just her new baby. Poor Jace is so emotionally messed up already having another kid that's living w his mother will really help him! She gave that kid up before she was even on the hard shit she couldn't even stop smoking weed for him! What a joke. She doesn't even deserve the name mommy! N the baby shower episode w Jace in car w her just broke my heart for that kid she venting to a 3-4 yr old u ruined his life enough don't turn to him w ur personal problems u fool!!!

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