'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion Recap: What Ken Said to Brandi Will Make You Weep

Real Housewives of Beverly hills reunion part threeThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reached its triumphant conclusion tonight, and I was there. And by there I mean on my couch in my pajama bottoms. I know most of you are probably crying in a fetal position over the ending of How I Met Your Mother, but know that there were other tears being shed on television last night. Also, on my couch. The third and final installment of the reunion was by far the best, and all thanks to Ken Todd.

Ken took to the stage with Giggy (who was dressed like a pilgrim had sex with Prince) and a few of the other husbands (who were sadly not dressed in an outrageous fashion). Ken said and did a lot of things this season that turned me off of him. He called Yolanda stupid and implied Kim was drinking again. To be fair he was under a lot of stress at the time. I can be nice and gracious because the first thing he did when he came onto the stage was apologize to both of the women he insulted without prompting. 

Ken's apology seemed so genuine, and it reinforced my good opinion of him. Also the way he spoke about his relationship with Brandi was enough to make me ugly-cry into the pork chop I was eating (look, I was hungry, and I keep odd hours). I love that he is such a softie beneath all of his bluster. I mean, for pete's sake, he went from outright saying that he could never be friends with Brandi again to hugging her and weeping in a matter of minutes! 

Obviously that doesn't make the way in which he lost his temper okay, but it's definitely salve on the wound. Usually I find the reunions so hard to watch because it's just endless bickering and Andy Cohen trying to make everyone feel something -- usually fruitlessly. To have Ken come out and be so direct and sincere was the cherry on a poop sundae. You know, you're still feasting on crap, but the cherry was a welcome respite. 

Who do you think shone the brightest at the reunion?


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nonmember avatar Melinda

Brandy needs a lot of help. She was very jealous of Lisa. It appears that when she thought that Lisa was going to be close to Kyle she had to stop that relationship and get to Kyle before a relationship was formed. Never have jealous minded friends. Yolanda appears jealous of Lisa also. It appears that Joyce, Lisa and Carlton are the more nature women and should become close.

nonmember avatar linda

Ken had nothing to apologize for. That was sad to see. Every woman he apologized behaved horribly but they are too stupid and thoughtless to realize that THEY should apologize.

nonmember avatar cass

I thought Lisa distanced herself from Brandi in part because of the flirting with Ken, it really was getting to be too much. She even said at the reunion that the flirting made her very uncomfortable, but she played along because she couldn't say anything.

After Ken hugged Brandi, it looked like Lisa was just playing along again and feeling terrible. Brandi was pretending to cry, but she had this awful triumphant smirk on her face. I wouldn't want that woman anywhere near my man, she's everything she accuses Scheana of being and more.

Good luck with that, Yolanda.

Kolib... Kolibri282

Couldn't you see the predictable ending to this saga? It wasn't even scripted that well! All the false arguing, dramatic music and standard close up camera shots. All hugging and cosy by the end. I bet Andy Cohen had a hard job keeping a straight face! Mind you I bet he made a lot of money out of it as he appears to be heavily involved in all the housewife sagas. He acts an idiot, but is very well aware just how well this rubbish sells. The whole bunch of them are feckless and pathetic whining about their sad lives that are a totally scripted farce. How weep for for them in their multi million dollar homes! The reality of such lives would bore the pants off people and they'd soon switch off. None of these people are for real. Brandi's histrionic weeping was sickly, even she must have known how awful it looked, but it'll sell another load of her trite books no doubt. Ken was predictable and sad as were the rest of them. In reality old arguments run a lot deeper. Lisa won't get an oscar for that performance either! It was totally staged to appeal to a certain audience. No doubt it'll be repeated for the rest of our natural lives. You may ask why I bothered to watch this joke of a show. My friend said I should to see just how dreadful cable TV has become. I thought she was joking, sadly she wasn't!

nonmember avatar cass

@Kolibri282 If you watched the show, you'd see this was a real, orchestrated gang-up on the fan favorite, ultimately including Andy Cohen. Totally disgraceful.

I'm just about done with this.. used to be somewhat fun.

Kolib... Kolibri282

And before I forget to add. If Brandi is truly obnoxious in the real world as she is on TV she needs a lot of help. I can't believe any of those numbskulls couldn't see who was behind ALL the bitching and arguing for so long. Is anyone really that thick? I doubt it somehow, I do know a lot of people will make a lot of money out of this amateur theatrical production and they had a great laugh making it.

nonmember avatar cass

Theory - Andy identifies with Brandi and is jealous of Lisa. http://www.examiner.com/article/andy-cohen-would-swap-lives-with-lisa-vanderpump-and-brandi-glanville

Kolib... Kolibri282

Rubbish predictable and badly acted. Everyone played their trivial part badly. Lisa wasn't angry just bored of play acting for the script. We don't know who any of those fools really are in real life. Just the image they create to keep the ratings up and support their cheesy business ventures they could never do without being known on that cheesy show. Cohen don't care he's lining his pockets laughing at everyone!

nonmember avatar cass

Wow, and I thought we were agreeing. You are acting like a real housewife.

nonmember avatar cass

Rh cast members have talked about producer manipulation. Often some of them are included in the staging of a plot line and others are kept in the dark. This time it's obvious there was collusion and staging that did not include Lisa. But that's just the nuanced, realistic way I see it. Hey, peace.. this is just entertainment, and not really that anymore.

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