'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion Recap: What Ken Said to Brandi Will Make You Weep

Real Housewives of Beverly hills reunion part threeThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reached its triumphant conclusion tonight, and I was there. And by there I mean on my couch in my pajama bottoms. I know most of you are probably crying in a fetal position over the ending of How I Met Your Mother, but know that there were other tears being shed on television last night. Also, on my couch. The third and final installment of the reunion was by far the best, and all thanks to Ken Todd.

Ken took to the stage with Giggy (who was dressed like a pilgrim had sex with Prince) and a few of the other husbands (who were sadly not dressed in an outrageous fashion). Ken said and did a lot of things this season that turned me off of him. He called Yolanda stupid and implied Kim was drinking again. To be fair he was under a lot of stress at the time. I can be nice and gracious because the first thing he did when he came onto the stage was apologize to both of the women he insulted without prompting. 


Ken's apology seemed so genuine, and it reinforced my good opinion of him. Also the way he spoke about his relationship with Brandi was enough to make me ugly-cry into the pork chop I was eating (look, I was hungry, and I keep odd hours). I love that he is such a softie beneath all of his bluster. I mean, for pete's sake, he went from outright saying that he could never be friends with Brandi again to hugging her and weeping in a matter of minutes! 

Obviously that doesn't make the way in which he lost his temper okay, but it's definitely salve on the wound. Usually I find the reunions so hard to watch because it's just endless bickering and Andy Cohen trying to make everyone feel something -- usually fruitlessly. To have Ken come out and be so direct and sincere was the cherry on a poop sundae. You know, you're still feasting on crap, but the cherry was a welcome respite. 

Who do you think shone the brightest at the reunion?


Image via Bravo

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