Farrah Abraham Has Finally Gone Too Far


Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham has been pretty vocal about her passion for going under the knife. I can think of better ways to enjoy some recreation, but to each their own, I guess? She's made blunders along the way -- including the infamous removal of her chin implant. But what she's doing now, while it's a whole lot less invasive, might be the most over-the-top procedure she's had yet.

Farrah has definitely gotten some more lip injections. That is, if the photo she recently posted to Twitter isn't, like, 'shopped in some bizarre way. Which I doubt it was. Farrah loves her some lippy stuffing. She's talked about it before, so it's not like we're blasting the lid off of some big secret here.

Still, you'd think by now that Farrah would have learned that less is sometimes more and that what you're born with is very often good enough. Farrah was born beautiful. But she continues futzing with her looks. It's a little, well, desperate.

It definitely has to come from big insecurities, if I may armchair psychoanalyze a bit -- and I may because you can't stop me. She is probably feeling a lot of pressure about what the future holds for her. This goes double with all those mounting rumors that none of her costars from Teen Mom are even close to speaking to her. Maybe maximizing her pucker is her way of coping with the stress.

Why do you think Farrah went for such an extreme lip look?


Image via Twitter

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.anon... .anonymous

Her lips look terrible. She used to be so pretty.

nonmember avatar Angie

WTF??? She is just destroying her face to all get out! Why would she want a permanent set of "duck lips?" Doesnt she realize that the older she gets the worse shes going to look?? Just plain hideous!!

nonmember avatar Megan Armstrong

She is trying really hard to look like Kim Kardashian! Two people who don't need to be famous at all!

molly... molly_beth13

K first of all, that's a TOOTSIE pop, not a blow pop.

Second of all she looks like a damn duck. There is something seriously wrong with her mentally... She needs help, too bad she lies so much they'll never be able to help her.

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