The Shocking Reason Jenelle Evans Could Head Back to Jail


Jenelle Evans back in jail because of Courtland Rogers Things seem to be going SO WELL for Jenelle Evans these days. She's happy with her beau Nathan Griffith, she and Jace are closer than ever, she's sober and expecting a new baby to join the little family she's created. But a ghost from her past could threaten all of that with his ne'er-do-well behavior.

Jenelle's ex Courtland Rogers is in the news again today. No, he's not proclaiming that he wants her back or anything like that. Courtland's making headlines because yesterday it turns out he was arrested! That's right, the dude's back in the clink. He hasn't added any new crimes to his roster. Instead, he was locked up for failing to appear to answer to other charges including larceny. Daaaayum. That's no bueno.

So what does any of this have to do with Jenelle? Well Madame J is still technically married to this douche canoe! Right now it looks like Courtland is still tied up in jail, with no word as to whether or not he's been bailed out. And that's a problem.

If he stays behind bars, this is going to make things very difficult for his former missus. He and Jenelle were scheduled to finalize their divorce this spring. That will be pretty difficult if he's in jail. It might be in Jenelle's best interest to actually bail out the guy just so she doesn't have to postpone her divorce yet again. Still, we can't imagine she's too eager to help this guy or return to jail -- even to bail someone out!

Do you think Jenelle should bail out Courtland?


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nonmember avatar anon

Its axtually easier to get a divorce when the other is in jail because they cant fight it. They will allow the lawyers to bring the papers in to sign. Leave his a** in jail. He belongs there. And let Jenelle move on and be happy.

Danielle Audette

I don't understand why she would go back to jail...

Macee... MaceesMamma

People divorce their spouse while in jail. The lawyers will bring in the papers. Even if he doesn't show she can't be arrested for that shes done nothing illegal.

nonmember avatar Lindsey

Maybe she would head back to jail to get him to sign papers. Stupid headline

megan... meganellis

Again, another misleading headline!

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