Paging Bravo: Catelynn Lowell Would Make a Perfect 'Housewife'

Catelynn and TylerCatelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are the perfect couple. Frankly, it's kind of sickening. They have a relationship that has grown over time, and neither party has made a secret over how much work they have put into their union in order to keep it healthy. This doesn't mean they don't have their problems (they are human beings, you know). But we don't really think of them and go straight to "troubled waters."

Especially not with Catelynn sharing glimpses into their home-life that are the very picture of ideal domesticity. She recently added to this little collection with a photo she snapped and then posted to Instagram. Granted, the actual photo might not be anything to write home about. It's just, you know, Catelynn's feet propped up in front of the television.


But there's a whole lot more to this tableau than originally meets the eye. The first clue is the lit candle: Clearly Catelynn is taking a break. But what was she doing to merit all this R and R? Why, being a new contender for The Real Housewives! No, I don't mean she was screaming at her friends and fannying about town in bandage dresses. If anything, it was total opposite.

Catelynn captured her photo as follows: "House clean, almost all laundry done.. Now chilling till my babe gets home from work." Look at Catelynn, all content to play wifey! I kind of love it! Tyler is very lucky guy -- and we bet he knows it too.

Do you think Catelynn should be on a Real Housewives franchise?


Image via Instagram

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