Juan Pablo Galavis Makes Nikki Ferrell Look Pathetic & Desperate ... Again

Juan Pablo Galavis Nikki Ferrell

I never thought I'd say this -- but I'm starting to feel a little bit sorry for Nikki Ferrell. After all of the negative press Juan Pablo Galavis has received since he declared how much he "liked" her on the season finale of The Bachelor, you'd think she'd wake up and smell the coffee and realize that he's probably never going to commit to her.

But alas, she seems so entranced by his spell that she's keeping up with this little charade of a relationship in the hopes that it will actually turn out to be the real deal.

And it really doesn't help that Juan Pabs keeps throwing bones her way. Like with the photo above, for instance.

He captioned this picture with, "Love is in the AIR..................PORT."

See what he did there? He threw in the word "love" in reference to Nikki, but once again he didn't come right out and say or admit that he loves her.

And as his girlfriend -- that's really gotta be getting kind of old. I guess there's always the remote chance that he's whispering sweet nothings in her ear behind closed doors, but still. If you are truly in love with someone, you should be bouncing off the walls with excitement wanting to tell anyone who will listen -- not going into hiding and/or posting cryptic messages to your social media accounts.

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If Nikki is smart, she'll finally reach a point where Juan P. is going to have to put up or shut up. And if it isn't sometime in the near future, I'd high tail it over to ABC and beg for a spot on the new Bachelor Pad spinoff that's coming this summer.

There are bound to be a few dudes on that show who will have no problem voicing their feelings.

Do you think Juan Pablo is leading Nikki on?


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nonmember avatar joyce

sorry so disagree with this article. It is NONE of our business period. If Nikki is happy that is all that counts. The Bachelor is a stupid show and Juan was no diff. then the rest of them that were on it for their turn. Leave the guy alone for crying out loud.

Eman Yono

they look to me that they are happy

Brenda Garlow

No they are both just in it for the fame.... They are biding their time. That's all.

nonmember avatar Connie

I seriously think its time you and everyone else just leave them alone. They are adults and know how to make their own decisions. I hope it works out for them. Only time will tell. Good luck JP and Nikki!!!!!!!

Debby Kinder

you are really getting on my nerves  Pity your Job requires you to write about this over and over. Nikki is a big girl and does not need your advise

Sandra Blake

I think you and the other media are making too much out of this.  I believe they are having a great time just being together.  Leave it alone.

nonmember avatar rhonda harvin

This is a really mean and unsubstantiated piece of writing trash. They look happy to me. Why don't you leave them alone and stop the hating? It is unflattering and uncalled for. I hope they are very happy together and I for one am happy to see Juan Pablo not drink the coolaid dished out by the Bachelor and stand up to them if they treated him badly.

Roberta Howard

Time to block u from my page. I am REALLY tired of your repeat info.. Leave them alone. Most of us really don't care.. They are adults and do not need u to write about their every move...

nonmember avatar Carrie

If you don't approve of their relationship ignore them . What they do if not illegal is nobodies business but theirs . If this couple doesn't make it sorry but if they do more power to them .

Deborah Force Metz

Exactly Juan is good with sweet nothings. But mark my words, they both have a hidden agenda...

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