Robert Pattinson's Birthday Plans for Kristen Stewart Couldn't Be More Romantic

kristen stewartJust when we thought they were done, we hear this: Robert Pattinson wants to celebrate Kristen Stewart's birthday with her. Not sure if he's going to, but he wants to. And that's huge! According to Hollywood Life, if Rob could "fly to L.A. and see Kristen for her birthday [on April 9], he would do it in a heartbeat."

Huh? I'm so confused here. Didn't we just hear that Rob and Dylan Penn were rekindling their romance?


After doing some digging, it appears that, like most things pertaining to Rob, the Dylan Penn story is likely just a rumor. But does that mean this is, too? On the one hand, I find it a little fishy that we the public would know that Rob wants to spend Kristen's birthday with her. But on the other, seems more believable than him having a "romantic rendezvous" weekend with Dylan Penn.

Either RPattz and KStew need to get some new friends who don't spill all of their deepest and darkest secrets to the media, or we need to take everything we hear about them with a grain of salt. The latter probably makes a bit more sense.

Though, with that said, it would be pretty adorable if Rob and Kristen spent her birthday together!

What do you find more believable: Rob and Dylan rekindling, or Rob wanting to spend Kristen's birthday with her?


Image via accidentalpaparrazi/Flickr

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