'Walking Dead': 12 Hysterical Fan Graphics From Season 4 (PHOTOS)

Who's recovering from The Walking Dead finale last night? I think in terms of sheer OMGWTF-edness, the Lizzie episode had this one beat, and of course it can't even compare to the Game of Thrones Red Wedding episode, but this finale still delivered some decent edge-of-the-seat moments. I mean, did Rick have one of the most gruesome spit-takes that's ever happened onscreen or what?

Now that season 4 has officially come to an end, I've got a great roundup of hilarious fan-created graphics referencing the finale and other memorable moments from this season. Let these images help soothe the pain of knowing we have to wait until OCTOBER to see what happens next.

(Spoilers ahead!)


Who will save our trapped survivors? Just tell Carol someone at Terminus has the flu!

What REALLY happened to Beth:

What really happened to Beth, part II:

Beth, III:

Why not just ask?

Every viewer, when Rick chewed Joe's neck open:



Daryl has the sads.

This is how that final line would have gone down if The Walking Dead was on HBO:

Truer words ...

How we WISH the series would have ended:

Which one of these is your favorite?

Images via AMC, Twitter

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