'50 Shades' Star's Shocking Confession Makes Us Love Him More

Jamie Dornan 50 shades of grey You would think at this point that Jamie Dornan has a tough time leaving his house. You know, because of his excessive sexiness. Fifty Shades of Grey fans the world over should already be mobbing the guy, eager to get a pic or a word with the living, breathing embodiment of Christian Grey. But when asked how his life has changed in light of his recent successes, Jamie had some unexpected things to say.

Apparently, even though he's going to be in one of the most anticipated movies of 2015 and his star continues to rise with his show The Fall, Jamie goes mostly unrecognized on the streets. How is this even possible? I'm not even the groupie type, but I know that I'd be compelled to call him out if I saw him on the street.


He's got a good sense of humor about his current situation. He told a story about one of the only times he was recognized. Apparently somebody yelled, "It's that serial killer!" They were thinking, of course, of his character on The Fall, Paul Spector. Still, funny as that is, that's not exactly something you want people to be screaming about you on the streets.

Jamie should enjoy this freedom while he can. Before too long, his already rising star is going to go full-on supernova. When that happens, he'll need to invest in a serious collection of sunglasses and hats, all the better to go incognito from his army of fans.

Which celebrity would you be the most excited to see on the street?


Image via Instagram

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