Maci Bookout's Ex Does Something Super Naughty

Maci BookoutWe've all been dying to know what the deal is with season 5 of Teen Mom, but MTV is one coy (but lovely) mistress. Thankfully, Maci Bookout's baby daddy Ryan Edwards is here to shed some light on things, non-disclosure agreements be damned! #Classicbadboy. Ryan shared a picture on Twitter of all the cameras MTV has rigged up to his windshield.

Ryan captions the photo with: "little bit of an over kill don't ya think mtv." Look at him pretending like he is not totally into having his goings on recorded for an admiring audience. Yeah, we're sure it's super stressful. That's why you're tweeting about it. Frankly, if your Twitter handle includes the name of the company you're tweeting sassy remarks about, you might want to rethink that plan of action.


Ryan must have eventually either thought better of his actions or received a slap on the wrist, because he removed the tweet, but the damage was already done. This has got to mean that season 5 is upon us, yes? Either that or Ryan is getting his own spin-off show.

Which, while in theory is a hilarious concept, let's be real -- it would mostly include him driving in small, concentric circles and staring at walls. It's definitely not happening. That means that in spite of all the drama surrounding Farrah Abraham and the others girls, the show is still on -- awesomeness abounds!

Do you think Ryan got busted for his tweet?


Image via Twitter

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