Nikki Ferrell Will Break Juan Pablo's Heart if She Keeps This Up

Nikki FerrellIn a shocking turn of events, it seems as though Nikki Ferrell might end up breaking Bachelor Juan Pablo's heart. If you've been following along with their reality show romance on the Internet, you've probably noticed that JP has been extra mushy these days. He's posting adorable photos, saying nice things about his girl, and just basically being a decent boyfriend. (I know, cray.)

But Nikki, on the other hand, not to so much. She's been bragging about the men who hit on her -- and now the latest, she posted on Twitter about a random dude claiming he's "in love with Juan Pablo's girl."

Um, it's fun to make your guy jealous once in a while, but this is taking it a bit too far. See what I mean:

Yeah, so about that. We don't actually know who this kid is. (If you do, please share.) He has about 300 followers, so I'm guessing he's not someone famous who I'm just not recognizing. But still, it's one thing for THIS guy to post a photo claiming he's in love with Nikki. It's a whole other story for Nikki to repost it. Like, we get it Nik, he was flirting with you.

And look, I get what she's doing. It's like that old saying, if you don't love me, another guy will. I actually just made up that saying, but you get the point. She's trying to show JuanPabs that she's a hot commodity and other guys are looking her way. One man's trash is another man's final rose, you feel me?

Could it be that we've been so busy hating on Juan Pablo's player ways that we've totally overlooked the fact that Nikki seems like quite the flirt? The tables have certainly turned, my friends.

Who seems worse: Nikki or Juan Pablo?

the bachelor


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Joan Mushrow

How fast people jump to conclusions, mayb eJuan Pablo was there and took that picture. He could be friends with this guy and the girl that is also in that picture.

Ruthie Meek

It was obviously a joke not meant to be taken serious!!!

nonmember avatar Jessica

Juan Pablo. He deserves what he gets. Who doesn't tell a girl that he supposedly loves that he loves her and most of all propose like he should have. He is the player not Nikki. If I were her I would do the same thing.

nonmember avatar Jenni

If you do your research this picture was took the same night she and Juan Pablo were together at an Atlantic city casino. I'm sure it was some kind of meet and greet type thing, so no need for everyone to jump the gun.

nonmember avatar David Restivo

His name is Joey Mazza, he is my best friend. This is not a joke, its real. I was there and took this picture. This was at harrahs pool bar in Atlantic City.

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Poor girl! just starved for attention and cherishing whatever little she could get from other men.

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