Miranda Kerr's Sexy Secret Might Shock Orlando Bloom

Miranda KerrHeyyy laaadieeess!! Since Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom broke up, no doubt there's been a line around the block of women hoping to get with Bloomie. But little did the ladies know they stood a chance with Miranda too! Miranda reportedly told British GQ: "I appreciate both men and women."

And then she said something even more heart-stopping!


Miranda reportedly told the mag: "I want to explore. Never say never."

Explore???? With women???? Holy tamale, why can't I be a lesbian? This is one chick I would definitely explore with if I were even remotely inclined in that direction, which unfortunately I am not. Plenty of women are, however, and they all just did a little happy dance, which may explain those Los Angeles earthquakes.

But wait a second, is this something Orlando knew about? Could this have been part of the reason they broke up? Did Miranda perhaps already begin her exploratory lesbianigans before her marriage ended?

Because I don't want to say that Orlando would automatically love that, because the last time I joked around about that, people got really angry. Seriously, there is NO WAY that Orlando would want his wife bringing home another luscious Victoria's Secret model and getting it on in front of him. NO FREAKING WAY. That would be sooo gross.

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All kidding aside, these two seem to have had the most amicable breakup in history and I'm totally not going to make any crass threesome jokes here. You will just have to imagine them yourselves, you twisted, insensitive people.

Miranda, call me. You too, Orlando.

Is Miranda Kerr the one woman who could turn you bisexual?


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