Chelsea Houska's Weird Gift for Aubree Can't Make Their Lives Seem Normal

Chelsea Houska and her daughter AubreeChelsea Houska is great. I get the feeling that of all the broads who have made their way through the Teen Mom universe, she's someone I'd enjoy hanging out with in a real way. Or at least taking a prodigious amount of hilarious selfies beside. She shared a pic today on her Instagram that only supported this theory. It was equal parts cute and totally strange.

All of the girls on the show have done their best to make the experience seem normal for their kids. Well now Chelsea has really upped the ante. She shared of a photo of a smiley Aubree clutching her microphone pack for the show. But that's not all, the microphone pack was decorated with colorful stickers, including some that spelled out her name. Pretty special!


Chelsea commented that Aubree "got her own decorated mic pack. She's pretty excited about it." I think I would be too. But admittedly that is because I am kind of obsessed with stickers. True story. It sounds like maybe the crew decorated the mic pack for Aubree. That's a pretty way of trying to normalize an ultimately very bizarre situation.

Sure, Aubree's been on T.V. literally since before she was born, but she's growing up now and bound to be more impacted by life in front of the cameras than she ever was before. If the crew is passing out gifts like this one to Aubree, then it's because they know it's important that she feel included and special. It's great that everyone's taking her feelings into consideration, but can you imagine being Aubree's age and having to contend with a mic pack as part of your daily life? No fun.

Do you think this 'gift' was a sweet gesture or sign of trouble to come?


Image via Instagram

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