Johnny Depp Confirms Engagement in Traditional Johnny Depp Fashion

Johnny Depp & Amber HeardDuh. It's not like we already didn't know he's getting hitched sometime in the near future, but now Johnny Depp has confirmed he's engaged to Amber Heard -- and wait until you hear how he did it.

He could've simply fessed up or posted something on some social media channel somewhere in typical celeb fashion. But since he's Johnny Depp -- he had to go one step above anything remotely traditional.

Honestly, would you really expect anything less?

I think not.


When asked by The Associated Press about whether or not the engagement rumors are true, Depp simply replied, "The fact that I'm wearing a chick's ring on my finger is probably a dead giveaway. Not very subtle."

Yep. He's wearing her ring. Wanna know why? It's too big for her tiny finger! So I guess until they get the thing sized, he's wearing it instead to let the world know that he is most definitely off the market -- possibly for good this time. And hopefully he really is planning on having the ring fitted to Amber's finger. Something tells me he wouldn't mind keeping it all to himself. What dude doesn't love flaunting a nice piece of bling?

Were you surprised when Johnny and Amber got engaged?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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