Jamie Dornan Channels Christian Grey With Non-Stop Sex on the Brain (WATCH)

Jamie Dornan New Worlds Channel 4Jamie Dornan has been thinking a lot about Christian Grey lately. And we don't blame him. Though admittedly, he's probably thinking about him in a, uh, much different way than we are. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. It's only natural that the uber-sexy role is on his mind -- even when he's working on other projects.

He assured interviewers recently that his new TV drama New Worlds, which airs in the UK on Tuesday, is a far cry from his work playing Christian. But he's clearly got sex on the mind. New Worlds is a period drama set in the 17th century. It's about an English renegade seeking to create a true republic. It is not, as Dornan is quick to say, "medieval porn." Uh, whatever you say Jamie? 



I mean, anyone who did even a cursory reading of the plot would know that they weren't in for a real bodice ripper or anything. It's clear that Jamie's starting to worry about what being associated with such a powerful and sex-driven role is going to do for his career in the future. He needs to settle himself.

I feel like calling him up and being all, "I promise you, dude, it will only be good things. You need to settle yourself. Plus, if the trailer for the new flick is anything to go by, I don't need gratuitous sex scenes. Just more stills of you brandishing a sword, if you don't mind. Please and thank you."

Do you think Jamie is right to be worried about his reputation?


Image via Channel 4/YouTube

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