Jenelle Evans' Secret Skill Is Actually Pretty Impressive

Jenelle Evans Twitter account newsIt might still be snowing in some parts of the country, but most of us already have summer on the mind. That includes Jenelle Evans. While her baby bump may preclude her from making dubious efforts to get "bikini ready" for the season, that doesn't mean she's stopped trying to prepare herself for the warmer months. Jenelle recently shared what she's been doing to get ready for summer, and spoiler alert, it did not involve her hair OR tanning. And more is the pity, really.

That said, her summer prep is pretty sweet, if a bit unexpected. Jenelle shared on Twitter that she spent time in the pool, getting her son Jace more confident in the water. While Jenelle has many gifts, it kind of took me aback that she's confident enough in the water to give Jace lessons. Jenelle is proving herself to be a renaissance woman between the swim lessons and that other time when once she made toast. #skills.


All joshing aside (and you know how deep my penchant for joshing runs), good for Jenelle for making sure Jace is water-ready for the summer months. Plus, spending time in the water is sure to make the baby who is en route extra happy and relaxed. Snaps all around for this weekend activity!

Kudos to Jenelle for taking this opportunity to keep on bonding with Jace. Just like teaching a kid to ride a bike, teaching them to swim is something they'll remember forever. It seems like Jenelle is loving life more than ever these days. She's got every reason to do so. Let's hope this lover-of-drama keeps life stress-free so she can enjoy more moments like these in the future.

Do you remember who taught you to swim?


Image via Twitter

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