'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Jenelle Needs to Drop Her Disgusting Habit for Her Baby's Sake

Jenelle EvansThe fifth season of Teen Mom 2 finally caught up to Jenelle Evans' pregnancy, and now we know what was going through her mind when she decided to have baby number two despite not yet being divorced (or having custody of baby number one!). The reality star planned this pregnancy, purposely opting not to use birth control with boyfriend Nathan Griffith. She doesn't, however, seem to have really prepared for what it means to have a baby.

Why else would she still be smoking while pregnant

Smoking cigarettes, that is. Jenelle told her doctor that she was not using illegal substances (thank goodness), but she did fess up to smoking daily, with plans to quit. Nathan popped in with his own two cents, saying he's going to make her quit, and we later saw the two of them bickering in the car as Nathan read out warnings about how damaging even one cigarette can be to a developing fetus.

Don't get me wrong ... it's GOOD that Nathan wants Jenelle to make good choices during her pregnancy; it's certainly more than we saw out of Andrew. But isn't it a little ... late? The advantage of planning a pregnancy is that you have time to get all your ducks in a row BEFORE you've got a bun in that oven! You can start the vitamins and kick the dirty habits and all that jazz!

Let's just hope she's cleaned up her act since this was filmed, huh?

As for the other girls, there was plenty of drama to go around -- as per usual!

Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree had an epic toddler meltdown because, toddler, and she got served with more court paperwork by her loser ex.

But Chels got some good news too -- her lawyer worked out a deal with Adam's lawyer to keep them out of the courthouse. Adam's parents will get Aubree every other weekend, and Adam will have to see his daughter with supervision. As Chelsea's dad put it, they're essentially babysitting their (grown-up) son with his daughter. Oh, and Mr. I Have a Gazillion DUIs does not get to drive with the little girl!

Kailyn Lowry's life seems to be calming down with the wedding out of the way, but her estranged mom has suddenly popped up, putting Kail in an emotional tailspin. I have to say I was surprised Kailyn was so NICE to her mom after being pretty vocal about what a crappy parent Suzi was to her, but can you really blame her? This is her MOM we're talking about. It's never easy to completely cut someone like that out of your life.

And then, of course, there's Leah, who is still going through some major relationship drama with Jeremy. It seems he dropped the "d" word on her, but after seeing her marriage with Corey go up in smoke, she's determined to work harder this time. I wasn't always a Leah fan, but this season has certainly made me like her more ... she's a young mom who has made her mistakes, but she's trying to learn from them! We'd all be better off if more folks would do the same.

What did you think of the episode? How about Barbara's reaction to finding out she's going to be a grandmother AGAIN?


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nonmember avatar tlc41310

First off Jenelle should have never planned to have another kid. Cause all thats gonna happen is most likely her mom will end up with it too.

As for Chelsea shes my favorite one and Adam really never wanted anything to do with Aubree. So why now. And i cant blame Chelsea not wanting her around him.

As for Kailyn i understand the not getting along with ur mom. Cause my mom and i are the same way.

And Leah needs to grow up. I wouldnt blame Jeremy for leaving her espcially with the way she talks to him. Like hes one of her kids also. Shes annoying. I mean she has 3 kids and still acts like shes 16 sometimes.

nonmember avatar Lindsey

Janelle should not be having a kid and smoking is not OK but I am of the belief that anytime you quit (1month,5 months, whatever) is better than nothing. I do not advocate an smoking while preggo but still think something is better than nothing. Also I am so glad Corey is married. The way Leah was trying to lean on him last week after Jeremy left was lame. She chose Jeremy she shouldn't be trying to flip flop. It is hard having your man away all the time my mom did it with 3 kids with 16 months apart between me and the middle and then the middle and the youngest. Dad worked construction and we saw him on the weekends. Mom was able to be astat at home mom and with a disabled child Leah should be happy to be able to do that because her man can support the family. MTV checks won't be coming forever.

nonmember avatar Crystal

Drinking soda, eating gmo food, heck, just breathing air is just as bad as smoking. I agree she needs to quit for her baby's Health, but also her own.

Blond... Blondie6969

It's very hard to quit smoking and it's not always easy for everyone. I should know I smoke with all four of my pregnancy and I cut down when I was carrying them and my babies we're find. This mother shouldn't be bashed because she smoked cigarettes during pregnancy worry about the ones that doing drugs off the streets

Brianna Michelle Mason

Jenelle seems to be cutting down on the cigs. It's a hard habit to kick, especially with bipolar disorder. Although, I am not defending her at all. She's definitely not my cup of tea. BUT she seems to be making big changes, so she may surprise us all.

I am super happy for Kaylin! She as always been my favorite.

Chelsea annoys me, but she is a great mother & I completely understand why she doesn't want Adam to have Aubree alone.

And Leah, omg, Leah. She is ungrateful for all the Jeremy does, just like she was with Corey. I honestly feel bad for him. She thinks he's on vacation while he is working his ass off for her, his daughter & his step daughters. He can't just get a local, lower paying job. How the hell would they afford for Leah to get her hair done every week, Ali's medical expenses, or to buy another house. MTV helps them, I'm sure, but Jeremy wants to provide for his family himself. That doesn't make him a bad person, it makes him a damn good man. If Leah keeps up this "I'm lonely" shit, I fear she may cheat on Jeremy too.

lovem... lovemyboys8588

I smoked while pregnant with both my boys. Neither of them have any health issues at all, I slowed down but never quit. No its not good to be smoking while pregnant but its not as bad as some other things she could be doing. Actually while I was pregnant with my oldest i had the same Dr my mom had while she was pregnant w me and my brother and she told me to slow down and then quit if possible but that it could actually be worse on the baby if I quit because of all the stress of ur body going through nicotine withdrawals. So who knows she might be trying to quit but doing it slowly enough so that it doesn't harm her baby in a different way. People need to stop being so judgemental. Unless u areprfrt and you never do anything wrong don't judge someone else who might make mistakes. We are all human we all make mistakes and have our problems.

nonmember avatar Angel

Who the hell are all of you to judge janelle and say she shouldn't be having another baby? I used to hate Janelle but now shes one of my favorites. She sobered up, quit doing drugs, got away from her abusive husband, found a good guy that treats her and jace right, has a steady living environment, AND is getting custody of Jace. So how is Barbara gonna have this one too? Do your research. She is doing AMAZING job and has come a long way. Keep it up Janelle!!!

nonmember avatar Crystal

Youre not supposed to quit smoking while pregnant either. If you smoked before youre only supposed to cut down,NOT QUIT COLD TURKEY.Doing that can harm the baby.

nonmember avatar tammy agin

tired of seeing this Train wreck on tv.'' MTV promotes her bad behavior as for Chelsea girl u were nothing but a latenight booty call. and like a sucker u fell for it your only mad cos he has a new girlfriend and baby or else u still be chasing him

nonmember avatar Cmnp

You bunch of idiots defending smoking during pregnany! Quitting cold turkey can harm the baby? How? By allowing the baby to receive more oxygen and obtain a normal birth weight. Smoking while pregnant is a selfish decision, y'all obviously did not care about your babies. Smoking during pregnancy is never ok and very trashy as we'll.

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