Kailyn Lowry Reveals What's Got Her Completely Exhausted (PHOTO)

Kailyn LowryI can't even with this. I have breaking, too-cute Teen Mom kiddo news. Kailyn Lowry took to Instagram on Sunday to share a dose of pure adorable. She posted a picture of her two boys, Isaac and Lincoln, and I defy you not to savor the pure adorableness when you see it. Admit it: You are kind of desperate to squeeze their cheeks. I know, you aren't alone in this, friends.

It's so funny and sweet how much these two little brothers look like each other. Seriously, though, isn't Lincoln basically Isaac's Mini Me? Only, god willing, far less devious than the actual Mini Me. They both have their mama's eyes and sweet expression. I love how into being a big brother Isaac seems to be. It's pretty touching.


I also dig how Kailyn posted the picture. She could have just been like, "Here is a flawless portrait of my two boys," and that would have been totally acceptable. But instead of doing that, she copped to the real-life challenges of being a mom. "I've never been more tired," she said, before going on to state that she wouldn't trade her boys for the world.

That's a sentiment a lot of moms can relate to. Oh sure, they scrub up nice for the photograph, but we all know what hellions little boys can be ... bless their hearts. Kailyn continues to keep it real, both on social media and in her daily life. This is but one of the many reasons we lurv her so. Keep on keepin' on, girl. And get some rest! You've definitely earned it.

Do you like it when the Teen Moms share pics of their kiddos?


Image via Instagram

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