Kate Middleton, William & Harry Steal the Show at Friend's Wedding (PHOTO)

Kate Middleton Prince William Prince Harry weddingTalk about showing up the bride! Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry attended a friend's wedding Saturday, and I must say they looked absolutely smashing.

Trying to sound British there. Did it work?

The royal couple and Wills' brother Harry were guests at the wedding of their good friends Lucy Meade and Charlie Budgett, which was held in Chippenham, England. Little Prince George did not go with his parents.

Kate, of course, looked amazing in a stylish, tweedy blue coat, navy hat, and navy heels. Her husband and brother-in-law were very handsome in their three-piece suits with pinstriped pants and coat tails. I'd venture to say I've never seen Prince William looking better.

But can you imagine being the poor bride and groom? Their three famous guests must have totally stolen their thunder!

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Oh well. I'm sure Lucy and Charlie thought all that through -- that's the price you pay for being close to the royals, after all. If they're so chummy, they would have wanted Kate, Wills, and Harry there no matter what. Hopefully the couple had a lovely wedding and felt like the center of attention ... at least some of the time.

The nuptials were held on the same day that Kate and William released a new official portrait with 8-month-old George and the family dog Lupo. It's shot with the royal family looking out the window of their Kensington Palace apartment and is super cute, if you haven't seen it yet.

Even though George was a no-show at the wedding, he'll be with his parents for a number of public appearances coming up, including a tour of Australia and New Zealand. And I, for one, am excited about all the glimpses we'll (hopefully) get of the royal baby. How completely adorable is he?

Would you ever invite famous friends to your wedding or would you be afraid they'd get all the attention?

Image via Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty

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piperpom piperpom

Yes of course they're still friends...

Lane-... Lane-Moja

"I'd venture to say I've never seen Prince William looking better."

Lol. That's funny, I was thinking that of Harry and thinking how sad it is how he has aged, not to mention going bald. William hast lost his good looks.

Victoria Gaunt

Yet you still insist on calling the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Her name isn't Kate Middleton anymore!

nonmember avatar Donna

I also don't get this media insistence on referring to her as Kate Middleton. Prince William made it clear that she is to be referred, first of all, as Catherine, not Kate. Since none of you in the media know this woman, and probably never will, are not friends of hers nor family, then you should refer to her as Catherine Wales, or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. When women get married and choose to take their husband's name, the traditional route, as it seems she has done, you don't continue to refer to her by a childish nickname and her maiden name. It looks like a pathetic attempt to reduce her position in life, to bring her down to your level, to make her someone you insist that she be rather than who she is.

I'm all for equality, and not a "royal" worshiper at all. I just like to see things done properly and with some respect. This woman has done nothing to earn such disrespect from the media. Go pick on Kim Kardashian, who indeed does deserve picking on, and who also thinks she is royal.

waity... waitykate

DUCHESS DO-LITTLE and BALDY haven't sprained themselves too much this year by attempting to help others less fortunate. They reek. Shame on them. Litterally have done nothing all year but hand out shamrocks. -----Diana would have felt very sad over William's lack of character. What a spoiled, stupid lump he's turned into. Duchess Do-Little is as bad as he is. They have no excuse - there's been no public service, no new charities, no old charities. Horrible people !

mrsary mrsary

Agreeing with waitykate!

lizilli lizilli

I am not understanding the name calling.  Do you people know the Duke and his wife?   I had expected this level of vitriol from the UK sites, but it is sad to find name callers anywhere.   I, personally, am not acquainted with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and I don't get the "shame" and "lack of character" insults.  They are a wealthy, privileged couple who probably don't really "reek".  

Jaghd810 Jaghd810

Waitykate is that chick who Wills left to marry Catherine and she's super jealous!

nonmember avatar Terri69

Waitykate is quite fascinating. S/he (it may be either as it has named itself after the tabloids' pre proposal nickname for the Duchess of Cambridge), lets call her a she. She trots out the same name-calling and ill informed twaddle time after time. She really is fairly interesting as a psychological study of severely disturbed or obsessive behaviour. She does no research in to the duties and background of the Duke and Duchess, if she had she would know they are involved in many more events and with many more organisations than is reported. She really does entertain me - I just wish she'd change the record once in a while as its getting a bit boring. Come on Waitykate. Can you find more things to say other than recount the number of engagements the have carried out, call the Duchess vile names, and berate them for "abandoning poor George"........jaghd810 she does come across as terribly jealous, doesn't she? ;)

1-9 of 9 comments