January Jones Shows Us the Only Acceptable Way to Not Wear Underwear (PHOTOS)

january jones jimmy fallonMad Men's January Jones is one pretty lady. But not the kind of lady who goes on TV without wearing any under-garments. Or so I thought. The 36-year-old went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night without her underwear.

It was so obvious. So so obvious. Yet she somehow managed to pull it off in the ONLY way a proper lady could.

Check. Her. Out.

I'm in love with the jumpsuit. I'd never wear it. But I love it. On her.

januray jones

That's a whole lot of lace.

If you want to see that lace in action, I mean January in action, check out her clip from Fallon. She talks about the prank she played on her ex from 20 years ago. I hate pranks, but she's sweet about it.

What do you think of her no underwear look?

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BGarcel BGarcel

I didn't know "no underwear" was a look. If it wasn't pointed out, I would never have known she wasn't wearing any. That being said, there are many dresses and outfits that celebrities have, in my opinion, worn successfully while it being fairly obvious that they weren't wearing any underwear. So I don't think she is the only one to pull it off.

Madra... MadraJones

I only wear undees when I have a dress on. Which is never. haha!!

ellat... ellatorias

I love her to bits. The dress is so beautiful & appropriate, she pulled it off. And what a nice prank there. . . now go buy the house, January.

nonmember avatar brandon

So, is that a beige colored breast pad falling into her cleavage under the lace? Somebody should have helped her with that on commercial. So obvious.

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