Tori Spelling Gives Major Hint That She Might Stay With Dean McDermott

Tori Spelling Dean McDermott 4 kids cheatingYou guys. Tori Spelling has sent us a sign. A BIG sign. A sign that she and Dean McDermott might be able to work through his little cheating problem and save their marriage after all.

Are you ready? You might want to sit down.

You see, Tori stepped out wearing her wedding ring. Yes. You read that right.

Three months after her whole world was turned upside down when it surfaced that her husband Dean had cheated on her, Tori was just casually strolling around with her ring on the other day. As if nothing had happened. Well, she looked a little grim, so it wasn't quite like nothing had happened. But it did seem like a hopeful sign that maybe those two will stay together after all.

As hard as I think it would be to forgive an unfaithful spouse, and as shady as Dean has sounded through this, it would be nice if they were able to fight through it and get to the other side. They have four adorable little kids and they really do seem like they love each other. And they were so cute on their show!

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We haven't seen much of them since news of the scandal broke in December. Dean promptly entered rehab to deal with some "health and personal issues" (read: sex addiction), and a month ago, the first photo of him surfaced at the couple's home in L.A.

Anyway, I suppose time will tell whether they'll stay together and soldier on and whether Tori's ring-wearing incident means what it seems to mean. Until then, all we can do is speculate. Which is still kind of fun, right?

Do you think Tori wearing her wedding ring means she and Dean are staying together?

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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I sure hope so. I hate seeing families ripped apart. 

nonmember avatar missy

Well that is the way she got him...She & Dean cheated on his wife before her...what did she really think he would do? change his stripes???

Stefani Duke

keep in mind they BOTH cheated...they are both responsible. everyone wants to blame only her but he participated as well. move on, damn. everyone involved has moved on. we have no idea what the circumstances were in all of it and it is none of our business.....

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