What Is Happening to Kim Kardashian's Face THIS Time? (PHOTO)

kim kardashian selfieKim Kardashian posted one of her zillion daily selfies and all I can say is that after seeing it, I'm not only shocked, I'm extremely worried about her.

Or more accurately, her face. Because WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH IT?

I guess the idea was to share some of her beauty secrets with us. Because what we get to see up close are some ghostly white patches under her eyes and along her jawline. In other words, we're getting a peek at what Kim looks like midway through her makeup routine and at the same time a little lesson on the technique known as "contouring" -- using light-colored powder or foundation along with darker shades to emphasize the lines and shape of the face.

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I can describe this photo to you 'til I'm blue (not white) in the face, but you really just need to see it for yourself ...

Kim Kardashian contour face

See what I mean? That's her makeup artist BFF Joyce Bonelli with her, by the way. But at least Kim is doing the whole thing to poke fun at herself. You can tell she has a sense of humor about how much makeup she wears and how elaborate the ritual of getting that face together really is just by reading what she posted along with this pic:

Another glam day with @joycebonelli....how do I look? LOL

And actually, it is kind of cool to see Kim mid-makeup and get a little peek at one of the tricks that makes her face look so beautiful all the damn time. So thanks, Kim, for not taking yourself so seriously that you can't have a little fun at your own expense. But please! Put the rest of your makeup on. Or take that white stuff off. Or ... something.

What do you think of this photo of Kim?


Images via Sharky; Instagram

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hello... hellokd87

I think I need to start utilizing my eye bright & hi brow makeup pencils for contouring...

Judy Tarver

Hard to believe she is in her early 30s,,,,looks so much older and hard

abra819 abra819

Judy, totally agree. So much makeup. Enjoy your face while you don't need it.

nonmember avatar Aurora

I really wish she would stay out of the limelight for a decade.

nonmember avatar J James

Ugly ugly ugly!!!!!! More than usual

kaffe... kaffedrikke

She's gorgeous. But has on too much high lighter

nonmember avatar Brit

I actually don't mind this since it gives cred to contouring techniques. It's just make up, It will be blended out. Any of those red carpet looks we love have all these inside tricks we never see. More!

tiafez tiafez

smoke and mirrors, make-up and spanx, padding and botox, nip and tuck, there's nothing left of her. it's all fake. 

Michael Wagner

All you haters, why are you always picking on the one that is famous? Pick on your own neighbor or your own wife or the one you meet in the mall? They are all using the same makeup as gorgeous Kimmie uses? So go fuck yourself you narrow minded psychopaths. :( :) <3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 bad

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