Lindsay Lohan's Reaction to Infamous Sex List Tells Us All We Need to Know (VIDEO)


Lindsay LohanPoor Lindsay Lohan. Despite her new OWN docuseries, her new sobriety, and her new (back to basics) look, all anyone can talk about is her infamous "sex list." The list of men Lindsay has slept with, published by In Style, was supposedly scribbled by LiLo herself and left behind at a party, where some enterprising person picked it up, kept it for awhile, and then sold it. Sounds kind of dubious to me -- but Lindsay has finally spoken up about it.

While appearing on Ellen, Lindsay reminisces about an "emotional song" she sang on the show years ago, and that she had "just broken up with someone" when she sang it. "Who?" Ellen cracks. "Do you remember who?"

The obvious implication is that Lindsay has been with too many guys to remember them all. "Apparently, there's so many of them!" Lindsay laughs.

"I hear there's a list going around," Ellen retorts.

Lindsay then confesses that the song was about Wilmer Valderamma, whose naive character on That 70s Show couldn't be anymore different from his real player self -- Wilmer has a long history of dating young, cute Hollywood girls. His list would surely be longer than LiLo's.

But the way Lindsay joked about the list makes me think it's real. After all, if there was a list going around that had all of the people you've had sex with on it, wouldn't you deny it if it wasn't real and you got the chance to deny it?

On the other hand, perhaps Lindsay is quite proud of her accomplishments. If I'd slept with Heath Ledger, James Franco, Justin Timberlake, Adam Levine and Orlando Bloom, I probably wouldn't hide it either.

Do you think this was Lindsay's way of admitting the list is real?



Image via Ellen/YouTube

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Maryl Murphy

It does not matter if the list is true or not. Lindsey is single and that is her business.

Maryl Murphy

correction : Lindsay .... not Lindsey

nonmember avatar me

I dont care either way. But she needs publicity and shes getting it so... im inclined to believe the list is largely inflated but couldnt really care either way. Hope she used protection. Otherwise thats a long way to track down who gave you the clap lol

Anoth... AnotherKim

James Franco says he didn't sleep with her. With the kind of drugs she was doing, you'd think most guys wouldn't want to touch her with a ten foot pole.

LandPmon LandPmon

Haha, AnotherKim, you think most men really care about that? Celebrity or not, a good portion of men will f anyone!

worki... workingmama86

I have a hard time believing it. Her not denying it means nothing to me. ANYONE could have wrote that list and claimed Lindsay wrote it. I mean, how gullible are we America? LOL.

And her laughing about it is no indication one way or the other. She could just be laughing that EVERYONE is going crazy over this list! I know I'd laugh. She knows whether she admits it or denies it, people are still going to believe what they want. 

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