Jamie Dornan Couldn't Possibly Be Done Playing Christian Grey

jamie dornan the fall bbcSince wrapping Fifty Shades of Grey in Vancouver, Jamie Dornan has turned his attention to his BBC series The Fall. But that doesn't mean that he's ready to abandon playing Christian Grey for good!

Jamie recently spoke with U.K. website What's on TV about his current work. What he had to confess should definitely set Fifty Shades fans' minds at ease about whether or not the sexy Irish actor would reprise his role as the mercurial billionaire in Fifty Shades sequels ...

Jamie said of getting back into the twisted role of serial killer Paul Sector on The Fall:

I love it! It’s not easy being in that headspace for that amount of time, and it’s probably doing long-term damage! But I absolutely love being there -- I don’t know what that says about me!

HA. Well, well. If he "absolutely loves" being in Paul's headspace, I'm sure he has no problem being in Christian's. While Christian doesn't exactly kill anyone, he certainly has some similarities to Paul. And with Jamie getting such a kick out of portraying dark characters, I'd imagine he's right at home in Mr. Grey's suits.

Sounds like he also couldn't be happier to get back into a character he's already familiarized himself with playing. Thus, even more reason we can probably safely assume he'll enjoy playing Christian again in Fifty Shades Darker and Freed, right? Fingers crossed, because I have a feeling that despite any initial skepticism, once fans see Jamie on the big screen, they wouldn't dream of anyone else in the role.

Are you rooting for Jamie to sign on for Darker and Freed (if they're made)? How would you feel about another actor playing Christian in the sequels (like James Bond or Batman films)? 


Image via BBC

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Mar Romero

I would hate if he drop the project! i love Jamie as Christian Grey... he's the best for the role!! i just love him :D

Phobe Grey

This will be a rubbish film with miscast actors. He's too skinny,scruffy and  not handsome enough for  CG. And thats AFTER they shaved him and forced his skinnny body into a suit. Hopefully the movie will sink without trace and the next two movies won't be made.

Tori Prosser

I want Ian somerhalder to play Christian Grey in in the next movie. Please!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar schimone

Jamie should back off and give us Ian Somerhalder fans a chance to see our fantasy com to life!

Andrea Carpenter

OMG! no one else, Jamie is our CG, forever in our hearts and souls! Love this man, he is sooooooooooo perfect for the role of CG!

Catherine Dyne

Back during all the casting speculation it was noted that certain actors suggested for the role of CTG refused it as they were not prepared to sign up for a 3 movie contract.  IF the next two movies do get made, I'm sure Jamie will be locked into the agreement already.  No way would they change the lead character.  And the diminutive Ian Somerhalder has more chance of shitting in the queen's handbag than playing Christian Grey - I think ELJ has made that perfectly clear already.

nonmember avatar Linnea

I want Matt bomer he is perfect as Christian Grey

So please:)

Betty Nears

Keep Jamie as Christian.

Sharon Gibson Mullins

i will never understand why people keep saying ian somerhalder should play Christian Grey...what is so special about Ian im sorry but yes please keep Jamie...he is gonna do a great job

nonmember avatar Sabrina

This would have never happened if they had just cast Ian Somerhalder as Christian. You can't spell Christian without Ian.

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