Kristen Stewart Isn't Switching Up Her Effortless Style Anytime Soon

kristen stewart comic-con 2011After shooting Still Alice in NYC for the past few weeks, Kristen Stewart is back in L.A. She was spotted with her girlfriend (and by girlfriend, I mean close female friend ... for now) Alicia Cargile, grocery shopping at Gelson's supermarket. E! News reports that KStew picked up Babybel cheese, Swiss Miss hot chocolate, a bag of strawberries, and apples, among other things. Sounds like some serious catch-up shopping since being out of town!

Unsurprisingly, KStew wasn't exactly dressed up for the occasion.

She may have rocked all sorts of avant-garde couture for Chanel recently, but on her own time, she wore a white T-shirt, gray plaid button-down, and a blue hoodie. And let's not forget her signature Converse. The Kristen Stewart uniform is baaaack!

Her hair was looking surprisingly wavy, shiny, and healthy, while it seemed she didn't wear a speck of makeup. Like that matters, though! Even in the most casual, dressed-down duds, she manages to look like a star. Seriously, who says anyone needs to get all glammed up to go grocery shopping anyway? Not KStew. Not today, and I'm guessing not ever!

What do you think about KStew's laid-back look? Do you think she could stand to switch it up or are you a fan?


Image via Gerald Geronimo/Wikimedia

kristen stewart, celeb style


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Rosemarie Carlo

I think shes a beautiful baby with or without, make up. she will be o.k. stopputting her down.she fine...

Lucy Exarhopoulos

She's beautiful in & out. That's why lots of men wants to be w/ her. She's very beautiful naturally

nonmember avatar Eyes Examined

I think you need glasses. Kristen's hair looked like it hadn't been washed in a month, and she was wearing make up. I particularly liked the pics of her and Alicia in their own little bubble, like they were the only 2 people in the world. You do know she was wearing Alicia's plaid shirt and jacket? And jeans. They share everything, and Alicia has been living at KStew's house since Halloween. They spent all the holidays together last year, and Alicia took her two week vacation in Germany with Kristen when she was filming Sils Maria. They even have matching tatts. Sweet, isn't it? I'm glad Kristen finally seems happy. Maybe she can be faithful this time.

nonmember avatar TiredMom

Kristen looks lovely. It is sad that her privacy is so compromised that she can't even go to the grocery store without being followed. It's even more sad that hate-filled people find the time to seek out articles on her to denigrate her, attempt to 'out' her as gay (considering that her only relationships have been with men, that's odd enough, but on top of it, if she WAS bisexual, what's wrong with that?), and act as if an incident that occurred nearly 2 years ago was a direct act against them. Of course, the author of the article doesn't help, by putting in the "and by girlfriend, I mean close female friend ... for now" line - another example of mistaking snark for wit. To end this with a quote from Kristen, "Judging someone says nothing about them, and everything about you."

nonmember avatar Homophoia

Wow. The homophobia on this blog is truly vile. Newsflash you can be friends with gay people w/o being gay. But you know to take your homophobia full circle, Rob post split was chilling mostly with women. You know who does that? GAY MEN. Think about it I've seen Kristen with 3 men romantically. How many women have you seen Rob be romantic with? Just 1. The rest are all rumors. Lots of men in the 50s survived on that too. Fap to that 1 homophobic mommy blogger.

nonmember avatar Sydney

I may not be her biggest fan, but I do love how she's very down to earth!!

She doesn't get all glitzy, and fusses over her looks like a lot of other celebrities.

She's pretty with, AND without make up. She rocks jeans with tee shirts AS WELL AS a red carpet dress.

I don't dress up everyday. She's fine!!!!

nonmember avatar melly

I think kristen look great with and without make up your beautiful girl it doesn't matter what people think or say about you

People will talk its not what they call you its what u answer to :-)

Patienze Join

Ok...I love her and no way to change.

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