'Scandal' Recap: Fitz's Family Drama Isn't for Olivia to Fix

fitz mellie jerry karen first family scandal mama said knock you outOh, man, gladiators. With season 3 quickly coming to a close, Olivia Pope is flirting more and more dangerously with the edge by trying to take down B-613 "brick by brick." But the greatest takeaway from tonight's episode, "Mama Said Knock You Out," seems to be that she's only capable of (or even interested in!) fixing so much. And even Olivia has her insecurities, like wondering if she's just a glorified maid, mopping up all the VIPs' messes -- a thought floated by Mama Pope, who called her daughter to a.) make her feel like crap for doing her job and b.) ask that Liv stay out of her latest plot, which seems to have something to do with going after the executive branch. Hmm.

While we've got that mess gaining steam, Cyrus still cleaning up his own mess of grief over James, Quinn coping with the mess of feelings for Huck, and the major mess that will surely, ultimately result from Olivia's attempt to take down B-613, the biggest mess tonight BY FAR was the First Family.


Jerry and Karen came back from school to participate in a live TV interview with dear old Mom, Dad, and baby bro Teddy, but from the minute she lays eyes on 'em, Olivia knows something's off. Thanks to Abby's digging, she soon learns that Jerry loathes his dad's politics, having been tweeting up an anti-Fitz storm and buying a Reston for POTUS campaign tee behind his back. And Karen's just plain pissed at her presidential pops for cheating ... that is, until she catches Mellie on her knees with "Uncle Andrew"! OMG moment! YOW.

The way that was choreographed -- with Karen walking in on Mellie and Andrew in a compromised position, storming out just as Olivia entered the scene -- was priceless. So was Andrew's retort to Olivia's warning that he better back awaaaay from the FLOTUS: "Glass houses." NO kidding! Where did Liv get off? And where did Fitz get off knocking his running mate out, upon finding out that he was with Mellie? Also, while we're on the subject of best ballsy comebacks of the night, how 'bout this one ...

BOOM, Team Jake: 1, Team Fitz: 0.

Anyway, apparently, Fitz thought he had the right to go berserk over Mellie and Andrew, because although he's been cheating with Liv for years, Mellie told him after the birth of Jerry that she "wasn't a sexual being anymore." So now that she clearly is interested in Andrew, as far as Fitz is concerned, Mellie's a liar who destroyed their marriage and forced him to cheat. Oh, PLEASE. Well, I guess we have to give him a little bit of a break, because he is still in the dark about his dad raping her and potentially being Jerry's dad. Ugh, so twisted ... Also, poor Mellie, who just kept her lips zipped while Fitz railed out on her.

And of course all of this was happening only minutes before they were supposed to go on air. Liv could only do so much to smooth things over, like getting Andrew out of the confrontation and sending him off on a campaign tour, and telling Fitz that running his campaign may be her job, but there are still some things she can't fix, and his family is one of 'em! Right. On. Olivia.

While it's easy to root for Liv, we know full well Daddy Pope hasn't always supported his daughter's ambitions. Even at the beginning of this ep, he told her to walk away from her investigation and planned takedown of B-613. But after a run-in with Jake -- who isn't a fan of his predecessor continuing to snoop around and talk to B-613 agents -- he had a change of heart, eventually telling Olivia where the agency gets its funding. Looks like a father-daughter collab may be in the works ... And maybe that family togetherness could bring Olivia closer to that light she so desperately wants to drag everyone into -- for their sake, the country's sake, and now more than ever, her own.

What did you think about Fitz's confrontations with his family? Mellie? Do you think Daddy Pope is going to start helping Olivia?


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