'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' Season Finale Recap: You'll Never Believe Who Got Engaged!

Tonight's episode marked the official end of this season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but luckily, the Thompson-Shannon family gave us plenty of moments, including an engagement, to replay as we await their next adventure. 

The season finale episode showed the clan gearing up for the New Year, as well as the annual New Year's Possum Drop. And that's just what you imagine it to be. It's a light-encrusted ball that drops at the stroke of midnight, much like the famed Times Square landmark, but with one expected redneckonized alteration. There's a taxidermy raccoon named Spencer inside the ball. Naturally.

As the family decided what New Year's resolutions they should make, they realized they still haven't completed the ones they set out to do last year. Mama June had planned on overcoming her fear of mayonnaise, Sugar Bear was going to kick dipping, Anna would sew clothing for KaitlynJessica and Pumpkin would stop arguing, and Alana would take up a new hobby to replace pageants. Needless to say, no one succeeded. Not even a hypnotherapist could get Mama to accept marannaise back into her diet.

But Alana did hula-hoop for a while, so count that as a win for the youngest daughter.

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Afterward, they all gathered together around a burning barrel and made amends for the past year. In the fam's "Even Stevens" tradition, they were allowed to burn one personal item that belonged to someone who had wronged them the most. Sadly, we saw the death of Pumpkin's professional shirt, Alana's stuffed Glitzy toy, and Sugar Bear's manper basketball hoop. Yet the most devastating burning was when Sugar Bear tossed a 24-pack of toilet paper that Mama had stockpiled. DOESN'T HE KNOW SHE COUPONED HER BUTT OFF FOR THAT?! Pun absolutely intended.

The family may not have succeeded in completing their resolutions, but their New Year's celebration was still perfectly special.

A few days before the end of the year, Michael (Anna's boyfriend) stopped by the home and chatted with Mama June and Sugar Bear. In the middle of a nerves-driven speech, he managed to ask for their permission to marry the oldest daughter. "You're marrying Anna, not me, so at the end of the day, you're going to need Anna's approval," said June. And very well put, I might say. It is Anna's decision, after all. "Michael's going to be a good first husband," June added, as she gave her blessing. I see what you did there, Mama ...

So when the family and their friends got together at a restaurant to celebrate New Year's Eve, Michael cut the lights in the middle of dinner and everyone scampered off the floor, leaving Anna alone and confused. And then, like something from a romantic comedy montage, a flash mob broke out and everyone, including the entire family, danced for Anna as Michael and Kaitlyn emerged with presents. Holding a pizza that spelled out "Marry Me?" in pepperoni, Michael proposed with a camouflage-design ring. Absolutely beautiful. (Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic. It was precious.) And any man that proposes with a pizza seriously knows his way to the family's heart. So congratulations to Anna and Michael!

The growing family closed out the season (and 2013) with the possum drop, and we're betting that 2014 will be even better down in McIntyre.

What did you think of the finale and engagement?

Image via Discovery/TLC

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nonmember avatar Alexa

I love the episode and I want more of hchbb

nonmember avatar sandy

ive watch them and seen them on different talk shows. I think there a awful rude fat famiy that have a very spoiled rude child. She needs disciplined not coddled.

nonmember avatar sue

this reality show is stupid and embarrassing when reality TV began , it went the wrong way. the only one close to being decent is Duck Dynasty b/c they honor God. these people aren't even funny and the multiple wives shows, bad too, what are we teaching our kids?

youth... youthfulsoul

I'm happy for Anna and Kaitlyn.

nonmember avatar Kayla

I love this show. It hystarical. CORRECTION it was a opossum drop!! lol and there was not a racoon in the ball it was a opossum. Just saying!

nonmember avatar Rachael

Seriously sandy. They may be a "fat family" but you are obviously ignorant as hell. 90% of your judgemental, nasty comment is either spelled incorrectly or grammatically incorrect. So go get am education or something, espicially if you're planning to keep passing judgements on people. Hope you don't have kids you're teaching that crap to.

aandt... aandt1999

Rachael if you are going to correct people, make sure you spell things correctly yourself.

nonmember avatar Perry Smith

Good for them my wife and I watch every thursday good luck anna

nonmember avatar Laurette

Hi does anyone know what song was playing during the proposal?

Kaci Kaci

Disgusting show. Period.

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