'50 Shades' Movie Director Reveals Exactly What Fans Are in For

sam taylor-johnson with E.L. JamesSam Taylor-Johnson must've known she had her hands full when she signed on to direct Fifty Shades of Grey. She acknowledged from the outset that she felt a certain responsibility to the fans, noting, "For the legions of fans, I want to say that I will honor the power of Erika's book and the characters of Christian and Anastasia. They are under my skin too." So we should trust her, right?

But in light of the first footage being screened and the general reaction being, "where's the sex?!" it's not surprising that some fans are flipping. Well, if what Sam had to say about the final cut to The Sunday Times Magazine was any indication of what we can expect, there's nothing to fear, m'friends!

The director called the movie a "dark fairy tale" (Beauty and the Beast?) and noted that, as mom to four girls aged 2, 3, 7, and 16, she had to come up with a creative way to describe her most recent gig to her children. She explains:

I tell them it's a love story. ... A love story they'll never see. It's like the world of the Grimm Brothers. I like the transition of this girl and the journey that she goes on. I hope I haven't said too much!

Ha, not at all! In fact, just enough! Sounds like between the constant buzz about the movie being a love story -- something both producer Dana Brunetti and author E.L. James keep reiterating, as well, by retweeting the sentiment on their respective Twitter accounts! -- and Sam's description, we're going to get exactly the right mix of romance and sexy magic!

What do you think about Sam's description -- does it make you more excited or disappointed?


Image via E.L. James/Instagram

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peach... peachpies

If she wanted to stay true to the books and characters she wouldn't have cast Dakota Johnson and some of the other people too. She cast Dakota because she knew her personally prior and probably also cast her because Dakota looks like STJ! She didn't stay true to the books by casting actors that were the whole package. I find Dakota to be a very dull actress, always have, and she certainly doesn't have the Ana look. She looks nothing like her and doesn't even look innocent and fresh she looks older and worldly. A good amount of the other actors don't fit either, and if the video clips and photos out there are any indication of what the film will truly be, they didn't stick to the books in other ways either. I really won't be wasting my time on money on it. I'm happy with the books and the true characters. I don't need these actors and this film to taint them for me.

nonmember avatar Amanda

I truly feel that the characters alone in the movie will ruin it. They arent even close to Ana and Christian. i was excited about this movie until i seen who they chose the characters to be amd now hearing how they r furthering straying away from the book is even more disappointing. i wont be spending my money to watch this movie. The book eill continue to be by far the best unless a different director agrees to take over and create this movie in the way that it should be created which is by the book with exceptional characters!

Victoria L Carver

OMG, Really?? The dark side of BDSM is not sweet love... FAR from it... Its a BIG power/control trip... I lived that life for years.. A Master and a Boyfriend are very very different.. Playing light BDSM is not real 24/7 ownership... dream on girls.. the book is a work if fiction and FANTASY..

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