Nikki Ferrell Pregnancy Rumors May Send Juan Pablo Packing

Nikki Ferrell It's no secret that Nikki Ferrell's got baby fever. But now these rumors about her being pregnant with Juan Pablo's baby are reaching new heights. It's making ME nervous, and I officially know neither party. So you can only imagine how Juan Pablo feels about the whole thing. And when I say 'Juan Pablo,' I mean the cloud of dust in his image that remains after he ran away in abject terror.

The cover of this week's Life & Style proclaims that Nikki is pregnant. We don't believe the hype, but we believe the sentiment. Nikki has been really open about her desire to settle down and have a family. While we know Juan Pablo loves his daughter, settling down doesn't seem to be in the cards. Unless, you know, you count all the time he spends in front of the television. Which is a lot of time. Can we discuss how much that dude loves him some boob tube? Because it's a lot.

Rumors like these are just going to speed up the inevitable for the couple, one way or the other. Personally, I think they are going to break up. It seems fated. There's so much pressure for Juan Pablo, schmuck that he is. Even if this headline isn't true, it's kind of got to put the fear of god into him.

Nikki wants kids, and Juan Pablo can't even make up his mind as to whether or not he wants her. I hate to be crass (jk, I love to be), but if a guy can't even tell you he loves you, do you really want his reproductive matter merging with your own to create new life? That's ... pretty heavy stuff, dude.

Do you think these rumors have any impact on the couple?


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Adrian Roberts


Brenda Garlow

NO, they are both just playing the limelight. Both are only "together" for the fame and not really interested in a real relationship in my opinion. I wouldn't be surprised if they started making rumors themselves just to stay in what they consider to be "the limelight".

Donna Ilene Weaver Brooker

they  both  need   to  do  something  to  let  the world  know , how  they  both  feel and  stop  the  bull

Karen Parent

nickey maybe you need to look

nonmember avatar gail

Hes a player. romeo.. He may have slept with alot of women on show.. He said he didnt want to kiss some women.. Because of his daughter, morals.. Then he turned around an kissed other women.. Had sex with with one that we know of. He has no morals an no respect for women. No respect for his self.. I hope nicki is not pregant, He will run.. Nicki wake girl an run.. hes not worth it. hes a loser

Beth Murphy

Both od these people are sickening...Juan get a REAL Job... Your 15 mins of Fame is over...You are looking like an ass clown trying to be in the limelight...Now please go away...

Sherry Garvey

Oh stop you guys. They are trying to make the best of it. Stop assuming,

Karen Hatfield

She needs to RUN. Hope she isnt prego.


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