Kim Kardashian Ripped for Photo of North West in Car Seat

north west with cousin mason kardashian disickKim Kardashian may have just spent the last few days in NYC, hanging out with Anna Wintour and Seth Meyers, but she's back on the road, along with the whole Kardashian-Jenner brood! Including little scene-stealer North West, of course, who was riding along in a car seat when Auntie Khloe snapped an adorbs shot of her and posted it to Instagram to showcase her Kardashian Kids outfit. Cue the haters!

Some of Koko's followers freaked upon noticing that North's hand was tucked underneath part of the seat belt. Insults directed at Kim and her poor parenting skills started to run rampant. Ugh.

Here's the pic ...

Come on, people. Do we really think Kim actually strapped her in there that way? Uh, no! Babies aren't exactly little frozen statues. They do fidget. North's little hand could have easily slipped under the belt there. (If that's even what we're seeing ... Maybe the belt is simply resting over her wrist?)

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Also, as snappy-happy as the Kardashian crew tends to be, I'd hope not just Kim but Koko and anyone else in that car were uber-attentive to the 9-month-old. And if she were stuck, someone likely helped her release her tiny fist as soon as they took note.

I mean, seriously, people. Always finding something to pick on! Can't a family of reality stars just travel with a famous tyke in peace?!

What do you think about this pic of North West? Does it make you jump to conclusions about Kim's parenting?


Images via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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nonmember avatar sharry Robinson

you people really need to get lives she probably didn't notice the baby's hand under there everybody makes silly mistakes and I'm sure when she did notice she corrected it she made a stupid little mistake it doesn't make her a bad mother get a life

Tammy Perney

NO! Come on people! Don't you have anything better to do than pick on people?

Shelley Mullen

Kim should have pulled her hand out. That is not safe, YES bad parenting. Besides she's never home with that baby. Nanny have to watch her.

Adriana Campos Gonzales

All you guys just wanna find a reason to say/find something negative about her! She is a great mom and im sure they eventually noticed her hand was under the belt and im sure she was fine. Those kinds of things happen to parents all the time! Get a life people! Stop being such haters!

nonmember avatar Stephanie

Wow it amazes me, I didn't know there were so many perfect parents on there, because I mean they would have to be perfect to so quickly judge another parent. They should probably write a book or something so the rest of us can be perfect

nonmember avatar pricilla

Has anyone ever thought maybe the baby put her hand in there that has nothing to do with bad parenting

Lisandra Cabrera

No one is perfect... it could happen to anyone

nonmember avatar Ellian

She is a new parent and I am sure people that are not in the media have made mistakes like this...geesh get off her back

Sierra Konesky

My daughter does that all the's unhelpable...she's a baby!! Sheesh

nonmember avatar A'sMamaBear

People shouldn't be mean, but they should be informative. It takes a village to raise a child. For car seat safety purposes, the seat belt is supposed to be pulled tight without extra slack. Leaving slack will result in accidents like getting little hands underneath the straps. The purpose for tight straps is for an increased chance at surviving a serious accident. With just an inch of slack an infant or child's chances at mortality are gravely enhanced. No, she isn't a terrible parent, but for her daughters safety and her own peace of mind needs to take the time to utilize proper safety methods.

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