Jenelle Evans' Birthday Gifts for Her Mom Raise an Interesting Question (PHOTO)

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Jenelle Evans

Huh. This is a little odd. I was always under the impression that Jenelle Evans and her mom Barbara don't exactly have a great relationship (to say the least). But if that's the case, why in the heck did Jenelle go all out to celebrate Babs' birthday? Oh yes -- when I say all out, I mean all out.

She didn't simply send her a card or call her -- as you'd probably expect, given how rocky things have been between them in the past.

Nope. Check out what Jenelle did to show her dear old mom just how much she loves her.


Yep. Cake. Roses. Oh, and did I mention Jenelle also says she got her a "foot massaging thing"? (Sounds heavenly.)

And they even had dinner together -- which means they must not absolutely hate being in each other's company, right?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Something's fishy here. Either Jenelle and Barbara are putting their differences behind them -- or their relationship really isn't as strained as it's portrayed to be on Teen Mom 2.

Oh come on, would you be all that shocked if some of the scenes are ... embellished a little for the sake of upping the ante on the show's drama?

Food for thought, people.

Do you think Jenelle and her mom are closer than they let on?


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nonmember avatar Mindy

Cafe mom get a life w your stupid articles lately. Good for jenelle and her mom for working on their relationship. People change so jenelle wants her mom to know how much she appreciates her.

nonmember avatar Brandie :)

The cake says 31?! Her mom can't be 31... If that was true then her mom would of been 8-9 years old when she had jenelle...

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