Gwyneth Paltrow Announces Another Big Decision Days After Her Split From Chris Martin

Gwyneth Paltrow on her conscious uncouplingJust days after announcing her split from her husband of 10 years, Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow is announcing the end of another big part of her life. Gwyneth is giving up acting, at least for now. Say it ain't so!

Her critics are having a field day with this. They take this pronouncement as further evidence that Gwyneth views herself to be above the plebs, that she considers her sorrow so much greater than that of other humans that she must retreat from public life.

I think it's the exact opposite. For a woman who has been so roundly criticized for being out of touch, for promoting an elite and unattainable lifestyle, this very public display of imperfection shows that she is every inch like you or me. Plus or minus 100 pounds and a closet full of Stella McCartney. No really. Sometimes Stella sleeps in Gwyneth's walk-in.*

Gwyneth has always made a point -- since having children -- to limit her film schedule. She makes about a film a year and has been quite forthcoming about the challenges of balancing a home life and family with making movies. In light of her recent split, she wants to spend even more time away from the camera and more time with the kids -- something even her biggest critics should be able to appreciate as thoughtful, good parenting.

Maybe this recent change in her life, and her refreshingly candid approach to sharing this information with her fan-base, will end the Gwyneth backlash. People are very quick to rip someone apart when it seems like her life is perfect. Sadly, I'll bet more folks go team Gwyneth now that she's revealed she's hurting and struggling. Unless, that is, 'uncoupling' turns out to be the name of her next book or something. In which case I am breaking up with her and suggesting all remaining fans do the same.

Where do you stand on GP these days? Do you like or loathe her?


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*clearly this is a joke.

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nonmember avatar Christina

Danggit, Pepper! Don't you ruin the next Avengers for me!!!

2cent... 2centsCDN

Did you read the article you linked to? No where does it says she's retiring, she says she has a rule of one movie per year and since she just finished one, she's back to mommy duty.

I think the reason most people would get the impression that she thinks she's better than everyone is because she says stupid things like having an office job is easier than being an actress when it comes to parenting. She talks about missing a couple of days picking her kids up from school like its a hardship not realizing that many parennts don't have the luxury of picking their kids up or getting time off work to see school plays etc. She's got a rep as being out of touch for a reason.

Mang Pekto

Yeah, just what I thought---all this sheninigans is all to get the haters on her side.

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