Jennifer Lopez's F-Bomb Slip Wasn't Nearly As Bad As Harry's Response

Jennifer Lopez Idol F-BombLast night on American Idol, judge Jennifer Lopez went where no judge has gone before. Outerspace. Nah, nah, I'm just playing. JLo went full-on R-rating, dropping an F-bomb the likes of which have never F-bombed before. It happened pretty quickly. But it definitely happened. If you were tempted to rewind your DVR, her fellow-judge Harry Connick Jr. cleared things up for us watching at home by calling her out on her slip of the tongue.

The curse was uttered as Lopez provided criticisms to Idol contestant Jenna Irene. But don't worry -- Lopez wasn't ripping into Jenna, she was praising her! While encouraging Jenna to be more messy and free in her performances, Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. playfully bantered about Lopez's own passion for the hair flip. That's when the F-bomb was loosed upon the world at large.

Some folks seemed shocked at the four-letter word making an appearance on network T.V. during prime-time, but I'm not bothered by it. To be honest, I care little to not-at-all about people swearing on my television. It's life, people swear. To pretend otherwise seems pretty naive.

If anything, the curse word being bandied about so casually made the relationships between the Idol judges seem more genuine. To deliberately go out of their way not to swear can seem stilted and weird. The only thing about this moment that didn't jive for me was how Harry Connick Jr. responded to it. He called out Lopez for letting "Jenny from the block" out to play. It was cringe-worthy. Like having an older relative trying to be cool or something. Awk-hawks.

Did you care about JLo's F-bomb?


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fave82 fave82

I'm mostly just shocked that people still watch American Idol.

Lettie Colvin


Tom Annett

curse away.....who's watching anyway!!

Elaine Cox

oh yes typical response...the woman didnt do anything wrong...the man did....

Penny Vargas

always heard once from the GETTO always from the getto.. She is the reason I quit watching after all these years...

Lilith23 Lilith23

Penny that spelling should have stuck in the "Ghetto";

before you judge learn how to spell please.

nonmember avatar Anner

Rebecca you need to chill out. You don't care that she uttered the word you are more offended with Harry's remark. I thought it was a great way to make light of the situation. He meant nothing by it, just simply using her own lyrics to lighten the situation.

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