Jenelle Evans Delivers Emotional News About Her Pregnancy (VIDEO)

jenelle evans jace teen mom 2 sneak peekWhen we think about Jenelle Evans, her notorious bad behavior, jail stints, and relationship drama are usually what comes to mind. But now that she's pregnant with her second child, she really does appear to be growing up. And her parenting of 4-year-old Jace seems to be on a whole new level, especially considering the latest sneak peek of next week's Teen Mom 2 episode.

In the clip, Jenelle gives Jace the BIG speech about becoming a big brother, and it's all sorts of adorable.

Check it out ...

All together now: Awww! I dunno about you, but I can't see how that could've gone any better. Jenelle definitely delivered the emotional news with the perfect amount of detail for Jace, and in turn, her little man sounds adequately pumped for the arrival of his baby bro. 

I fully admit that when we first heard Jenelle was expecting again, it seemed like another baby would've been way too much for her to juggle. But this little glimpse into what her happy little family is shaping up to look like is definitely a reassurance. She could really end up shocking us all!

What do you think about how Jenelle delivered the news to Jace?


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2nino... 2ninos4me

Too much for HER to juggle ? I'm sure you meant gor barbara

Jai Hutto

haha! ^ RIGHT?

abroo... abrookez11

Jenelle is a little bitch I Dont believe she will ever grow up & take care of her kids. I hate seeing her on teen mom I just want to punch her straight in the face. Her mother will be taking care of this one as well

sweet... sweetsinglemama

I thought she had an abortion. Or is she pregnant a third time?

bonni... bonniemommy100

I hope she changed for the sake of her children... I wish her all the best.

Amarke86 Amarke86

Honestly, I think this girl is a joke. I'm sure there are plenty of things edited out of this show, for time sake and of course drama sake. But this girl had an abortion only months before trying to get pregnant with her current flame. And then when she announces her pregnancy to her now BF they discuss again weather or not this is what they want. In my opinion these people have no real care for human life. She couldn't take care of her first child, aborted her second, and now what's in store for #3? People change, people grow up, and of course we all make mistakes but I firmly believe she isn't mature enough to be a mom. Babies are a beautiful thing, so precious and perfect. But it's a lot of work, feedings, late nights, crying, and so on. They become your every waking need, solely depend on you. How is she going to handle all that when that all settles in?

I pray she does right by this new addition, and her son. Because all we can hope for is that she steps up and puts her all into being a mom! Only time will tell.

Chelsea McLain

I was 19 when I had my first kid & my husband was in the service living across the country and I wasn't that into being a mom I was still a child myself, My sons father passed away overseas when my son was 15 months old and that didn't help my parenting skills any. 2 years later I got pregnant by a fling and had an abortion then six months later I got pregnant by a boyfriend I had for 2 years prior to the fling and we kept her, my beautiful little girl she made me such a good mom to her and her big brother. Sometimes you need to have those bonding moments when your old enough to handle them to make you into the good mom you should have been the first time around. Hopefully now that Jenelle is older this child can do that same that my little girl did for me.

Randi Wines

"I don't see how that could've got better." Umm..let me help you. The convo should have never even happened. A shame that abortion didn't sterilize her. Better would have been, her putting all her effort into Jace. Period.

nonmember avatar Lauren

I think Jenelle is really trying. Her mom has done a lot for her, yes. But her mom adds to the problem too. She enabled jenelle when she first had jace, and now when jenelle tried, her mom never let's her take him...never let's her try and be a mom. Everyone has faults, especially when young, but I think she's trying...still has a long road ahead of her, but she's getting there. You people are so foul! So quick to judge. You do realize mtv only shows what they want to show.... And you people are no better with your nasty comments!

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