Brandi Glanville & Kate Gosselin's Battle Has Begun (PHOTOS)

Brandi Glanville and Kate Gosselin in the Celebrity Apprentice So Brandi Glanville and Kate Gosselin are among the competitors on the upcoming season of The Celebrity Apprentice. How, in the name of Chris Hemsworth's sacred abs, did I miss this? What's more the whole crew was filming in New York at the Union Square branch of the Australian meat pie shop, Pie Face (seriously, they are the best. They are my life). This is known to be my favorite place to eat meat pies! WHY WASN'T I THERE?! 

If the photos that have been popping on Instagram since this happened yesterday are any indication, it's going to be a tense season. In a battle to the death, I'm not sure who would be more likely to win, Kate or Brandi. I just know I wouldn't won't to stoke the ire of either lady. That said, if we're talking Celebrity Apprentice I think it's almost guaranteed that Brandi's going to get fired by Donald Trump before Kate. 

I mean, just look at the photos. Kate, as usual, is all business and all drive. Discounting the fact that she is wearing ridiculously long earrings that would never fly in a real kitchen. It looks like she's bossing Brandi around. And as for Brandi? She really doesn't seem into any of it! Observe the long hair she wore down. Yeah, doesn't really scream 'dedication to the cause'.

Brandi Glanville

The shot of her on the phone is priceless. This is so clearly not an Apprentice related call. I would never say that Brandi's lazy -- the woman's got mad hustle! Between the kids and the show and the book writing, she does more in a day than I probably do in a week. 

Brandi and Kate Gosselin

That said, her priorities don't seem to include becoming the next Trump protege, right? Meanwhile I have little to no doubt that Kate spends her nights in bed fantasizing about her burgeoning global empire. I guess ultimately (even though they are all doing this for charity) Kate's got that competitive spirit and Brandi just seems to be more along for the ride. 

Who do you think will go home first, Brandi or Kate?


Images via Instagram 

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nonmember avatar Ashley

Actually, it probably was an Apprentice related call. A lot of times they call their friends to come down and make large donations. Have you ever watched the show? It's for charity, I'm sure she's doing a lot.

nonmember avatar sandy

Well, unfortunately, Kate will probably stay longer: that woman is kind of sneaky and ruthless from what we've learned of her behavior in the past. Brandi is a tough gal, but she has enough sparring on her plate with RHOBH: she'll probably just get sick of battling. That said, I root for Brandi!

nonmember avatar Cookster

Why couldn't these 2 have been on the plane that went down?

Cathy DeRoche Swanson

I'm betting Brandi goes down first.. especially after she tells Trump to F*** Off.. lol.. Can't stand Kate.. but she does what she has to with 8 kids to support and a scum ball ex.

nonmember avatar Ohplease!

Kate should get a real job. This CA gig will only pay $16,000. That is not enough money to take care of 8 kids, & Kates fantasy lifestyle. The fact that Kate will be away from her kids(if she lasts that long)6 weeks, in a hotel with her boobyguard(there are several pics with him) and she has the nerve to say this is necessary to take care of the kids. Yeah, kids with nanny/hired help/sitter. Kate said, she can not go back to nursing cause this would mean, working long hours and shifts, and that she would not be with her kids lot, so 6 weeks is ok to be away? What a good mom she is! NOT!

MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

@Ohplease, do you think a nurse's salary alone will support 8 kids? Seeing that Jon isn't helping at all financially? Just something to think about.

nonmember avatar Gayle

I am voting Kate wins! She is a business woman and the money will help with the kids!

Suzie Smith McGinnis

I root for Brandi...but I think Kate will end up staying longer...she's is super bossy & relentless!  Ugh!

Lily Tejada

kate and her bodyguard have been sleeping together for years! it takes a blind person not to see it! he might have an impressive resume but this guy is no different than any other man

Londo... London420

News flash for Rebecca Stokes. Celebrity Apprentice isn't about becomming the next Donald Trump protege.  It's about charity. You've got Celebrity Apprentice confused with his regular "Apprentice" show where the winner actually works for DT.  You should know this stuff if you're going to write about it.

Kate's not about work, Kate's about control. I would pick Brandi in any ass kicking contest on the planet. That being said, I think DT will choose the winner of the two based on which can bring the most viewers to the show. That show is all about drama and so is that sad sap Kate Gosselin, so don't be surprised to see her stick around for a while.

I do think Kate goes back to her hotel room with Skeeve, lays her head on his shoulder and dreams about her "burgeoning global empire." 

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