Kristen Stewart's Strange & 'Feisty' Behavior Must Be a Total Joke

kristen stewart wonderconOne minute Kristen Stewart's packin' on the pounds, the next she's on a wacky detox! Yep, so goes the rumor mill. Take this as you will, but according to the National Enquirer (I know, I know), Kristen Stewart has been following an extreme diet while on the NYC set of her next film Still Alice

"Kristen isn't a friendly person on movie sets to begin with, but she is extremely feisty lately due to her green juice diet," the tabloid's "insider" claims.

This supposed in-the-know source went on to note, "The other day she yelled at one of the crew for eating normal food in front of her!"

Now, here's the thing ... Stars definitely subsist on the veggie-packed beverage from time to time, especially on movie sets. We heard the Fifty Shades set was busting at the seams with the stuff, with Dakota Johnson guzzling it like crazy. But I'm callin' this story's bluff. KStew may enjoy a juice or two on set, but I highly doubt she's on some hardcore juice diet. Especially considering that much more reliable sounding "sources" witnessed her diggin' in to a delish-sounding meal and kicking back several cocktails late last week.

So, nice try, National Enquirer. If Kristen's been "feisty" on the set of Still Alice, perhaps it has to do with something other than juice. ... Maybe Rob?!

Do you buy this story about KStew's diet?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

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nonmember avatar Monique

Is this lady for real right now. We saw her drink green juice once the whole entire time. And who are these sources its like they pull information out their ass.

wtf5 wtf5

Which @Monique is why all tabloid news joints (including this one ) have a characteristic odor about their stories.  Because it is all BS.

Francoise Buaud

il serait bien sympathique que les traduction soit plus clair et surtout française!!...même traduit c'est du chinois!!!sa me gave!

wtf5 wtf5

And we call bluff on yet another article by you claiming to have the first clue related to anything about Kristen.

The Enquirer bs is no different than dozens of other pieces of tripe that you spew regularly on this tabloid website. Its all about writing something that gets a webhit. Parasites on Hollywood. Thats all you amount to.

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