Jenelle Evans' Mom Has Shocking Reaction to Daughter's Jail Time (VIDEO)


barbara evans screenshot teen mom 2On Teen Mom 2 last night, we went behind-the-scenes of Jenelle Evans' most recent stint in the slammer for testing positive for marijuana. Whether you caught the episode or not, we must discuss a moment that may have been even more jaw-dropping than seeing Jenelle go back to jail ... Barbara Evans' response to Nathan Griffith when he delivered the dismaying news was one for the history books!

MTV shared the clip ahead of the episode last night, and well, you really just have to see it to understand what I mean ...

Eeek ... See what I mean? Who says her daughter is "such a little bitch"? Babs seems to have a nasty tendency to go overboard when talking about or to Jenelle. Not to mention that going off like that to Nathan is definitely a bit back-biting and inappropriate.

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Sure, Jenelle screwed up, but we all know that. No need for name-calling. Especially not from someone who is supposed to be the most grown-up of the bunch!

What do you think about Barbara's reaction to the news?


Image via MTV

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nonmember avatar Nancy

I personally felt Barbara exhibited self-control because Jenelle has caused her nothing but trouble. Jenelle cannot blame Barbara for all her mistakes. Look how well Kailyn turned out without her parents. Jenelle needs to start taking control of her own life and needs to stop blaming others.

Skye2... Skye21210

@Nancy, I do agree that Jenelle can't blame Barbara for her mistakes. On an earlier episode when Barara and Nathan were arguing after Jenelle had gotten surgery, Nathan was making comments about Barbaras parenting, which I felt he was completely out of line to do. It was as if he was blaming Barbara for how Jenelles life has been. Thtat is a boundaty you don't cross and can't really speak on since he has never been a parent and doesn't know everything that has gone on between Jenelle and her mother.

nonmember avatar Kendra

She can say anything she wants about jenelle because she's her mother, and quite frankly, she's right, why the heck would you smoke anything knowing you were awaiting a court date? That is just dumb.

nonmember avatar Sam

I dont think she was out of line. Sometimes she is, but this is not one of those times. Shes got to be absolutely beyond frustrated with Jenelles choices, and she just stated what everybody around Jenelle already knows. I think Jenelle is getting her life back on track NOW though, and as they say, better late than never

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