'RHONY' Carole Radziwill Made a Fatal Mistake in Feud With Aviva Drescher (VIDEO)

Carole Radziwill There was so much reality goodness this week, between Kim KardashianKenya MooreBrandi Glanville, and Lisa Vanderpump, not to mention Dancing With the Stars, that I almost forgot about New York City. LOL, just kidding. Could you believe Kelly Bensimon's fight with Carole Radziwill? Oh, wait ... that wasn't Kelly? Sorry, KKB. You would never have done that and I know it. So who would? Riiiight, Aviva Drescher.

Sit down and grab a drink, because I've got s**t to say. It might surprise you.

Before we get to RHONY, this week's exclusive episode below starts with NeNe Leakes' jive on DWTS, and I think I'm going to start tuning in just for the nudity. No, I don't mean NeNe's. Watch below for my take on what she needs to do to win.

In Atlanta, the ladies and gents are still playing Escape From Mexico, and Apollo Nida follows up a very smart move with a phenomenally stupid one. Ladies, please remember one thing ... if the men are invited on the trip, they are allowed to rumble with the women. Yes, they are. So stop complaining about it. Below I break down exactly what Peter Thomas did and did NOT do, and how that relates to other franchises and Housewives in general.

We saw Part 2 of the Beverly Hills reunion this week, and a viewer asked me why Andy Cohen is throwing shade at Lisa. I break that down and go DEEP about Kim Richards and the difficulty she faces, not only with Ken and Lisa but everyone. I get the Carlton Gebbia vs. Kyle Richards discussion out of the way, and we get to Brandi Glanville, change.org, and how Celebrity Apprentice could help (or hurt).

Let's not forget #BookGate. Who won the fight? Aviva or Carole? Personally, I think no one gets away without drawing blood, and I'll explain why. Also, why poor newbie Kristen Taekman might be in the process of being royally stitched up beyond one little mud race. And I just needed to add this photo of Sonja Morgan because she's giving me Holly Golightly and I love it.

What else? We've got the Lady Gaga video, the Housewives' Awards, and last but CERTAINLY not least, the Vogue cover that everyone is talking about. I give you my take and just had to share with you that I heard from an inside source that a certain Leggy Blonde now wants to try for the cover. Because, I mean ... why not?? Insert wicked cackle here.

Who do you think won the fight -- Carole or Aviva? Does Aviva deserve a Vogue cover?


Images via Bravo

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mothe... motherof2inFL

That whole bookgate was insanity.  I understand why Carole was so upset.  I read What Remains, and it is a beautiful book.  Whether or not she had a ghost writer doesn't matter, she should be proud of it.  I still don't understand what Aviva stood to gain by spreading rumors about the book.  However, Carol was waaaay out of line when she said no less than 4 times, "you've never worked outside the home," and it was clearly intended as an insult.  That was a big no-no Carole.  If you don't want someone demeaning your work, don't demean theirs. 

Glenn Drake

The whole ghost writer thing was very intriguing! I know Carol is a journalist but writing a book is much harder than being a journalist. I am a writer too and I've written three books. And I've been a journalist and magazine writer.

nonmember avatar Ana Rivera

I side with Carole. Her remarks to Aviva were offensive, but I totally get where she's coming from. In my area of study and work, implying someone didn't actually write their texts is a very serious and damaging accusation. A Professor once questioned if I had written an investigation and even though he quickly retracted it was a horrible experience! Having stated all this I really feel Carole is not cut out for reality tv. It's the reason I love watching her but I don't think this is her thing.
Side note: I think the scene with her editor was filmed much much later, maybe after filming stopped. I saw not one but two of Carole's published novel. They could be mock ups or dummies but I think producers gave her the chance to show her editing in light of Aviva's rumors.

Tommy Valentino

Amen! It disturbs me that more and more people are using the gender, race, sexual orientation etc. card at times when it isn't relevant. It's self serving, and it detracts from all of the times when it is relevant. Men are allowed to disagree with women; whites are allowed to disagree with blacks, and straight people are allowed to disagree with gays. We're all allowed to disagree with each other. It's not always about our labels.

Becky Jane Elrod

I love your insight as to how these shows work. I'll be paying attention to the violin music, in particular.

Tammy Barrett Allen

What are you trying to say with all those empty words?

nonmember avatar Liza

I don't think it was insulting for Carole to point out that Aviva has never worked outside the home. That is the truth. Point of fact. It's too bad if the insecurities, and perhaps regrets, women have over this decision are being projected onto Carole. I'm not a mother and I've only worked outside the home briefly, but I am secure in myself and would never take it as an insult. However, Aviva is an insecure and spoiled person. She was emulating Carole..copying her glasses...writing a book...and when her little fantasy of being like Carole fell apart...she needed to tear her down. Aviva insinuated that Carole didnt write her book and belittled her 20 year career so why is it not okay for Carole to point out that Aviva is in NO POSITION to make that judgement because she has NEVER WORKED OUTSIDE THE HOME. She hasn't! It's the truth! Deal with it.

PamD. PamD.

The whole #bookgate the past couple of weeks has really made the hair on the back of neck stand up.  As a promoter of women in business, the whole thing disgusted me.  Instead of tearing each other down, they should be supportive and promote both their books.  What it comes down to is both women were wrong with their words.  However, that being said, Aviva should never have belittled Carole's business career and surely Carole had no right to say that Aviva has never worked outside of the home.  In my eyes it just made them both look bad and jealous.  I have always liked Carole and still do, this was a little blip on the radar for me.  Like Alex says, she has to keep her "character" interesting for TV.  Not even sure why she is on this show as she is probably the richest housewife of all the Housewives Franchise.  Look forward to see what next week brings in "The Real Deal"!  

nonmember avatar Stacey

Carole not ONLY said Aviva never worked outside the home (not a big deal) I took plenty of time off when I had my two. The game changer is Carole screamed at her "you're a nobody/you're Nothing")! also. Get it? IMO, anyone who calls someone a nobody is probably already feeling that themselves. It was ignorant and I'm sure, hurtful to Aviva. By the way, I am not an Aviva fan, BUT, guess what? I'm not a big fan of Carole's anymore, that's for sure.

As for Lisa V. of course, she digs at times, don't we all? Wait, they're not digging they are burying (two very different things) watch what color knickers you wear Lisa or they'll be on top of that, shovel in hand.

I don't care enough about Brandi to wish her luck on CA..what will be, will be.

If Kenya mops the floor with her, that means Brandi's friend KARMA has come around to see her. The rest Kim K, blah blah..Mom always said...

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