Kim Kardashian's Exclusive 'Vogue' Shots Show a Surprising Side of Her (PHOTOS)

kim kardashian closeup selfieKim Kardashian and Kanye West can break out the bubbly, because the "#WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple"s issue of Vogue is now on stands, according to the reality star. And if you're on the fence about rushing out to buy a copy, all you need to do is check out a couple of the exclusive shots Kim revealed on Instagram, and you'll be SOLD.

The latest features Kimye hanging out with their little girl North. Captioned, "#MyFamily #Vogue ##OnStandsTODAY!!!!!" the image is almost so ridiculously gorgeous and heartfelt, it may bring a tear to your eye. No, really!

Take a peek ...

See, what did I tell ya? So. Sweet.

And earlier she also shared this outrageously romantic shot, captioning it: "One of my fave pictures from our @VogueMagazine shoot by Annie Leibovitz! Wearing Alexander McQueen"

Simply epic. The famous couple may get a lot of flak for fancying themselves icons, but whaddyaknow ... they couldn't look more iconic than they do here. Or in love, for that matter. Or like a blissful, beautiful little family. As they say where the pair is set to tie the knot, je l'adore!

What do you think about these exclusive shots? Will you be buying Kim's issue of Vogue?



Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar kia lopez

North is one the ugliest babies I've ever seen. No wonder it's always cover with a blanket

nonmember avatar Kalalu

How big of you to insult a baby. I think she's beautiful. Hopefully she'll be a sweet and compassionate person which is more important than looks.

Corinna Erin West

I agree with Kalalu. And ill add u must be really insecure to pick on a baby, and also sound very ignorant! Doesnt matter who her parents are, she is simply a beautiful baby!

nikiself nikiself

what is your problem insulting an INFANT that cant control how she looks?? i think North is absolutely beautiful in her own way...jsut like the rest of us. do you have kids? would you want them insulted like youve insulted another moms baby? no? i didnt think yourself a favor and dont insult another baby. its just making yourself look really ridiculous...

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