Kate Middleton's First Mother's Day Is Looking Pretty Impressive (VIDEO)


kate middleton prince william spoof lookalikesKate Middleton's first Mother's Day is coming up quickly -- even faster than ours, because in the U.K., the holiday is marked on Mothering Sunday, which always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent. That means the Duchess will celebrate her first one as a mum this Sunday. And to mark the exciting occasion, "Kate" and the "royal family" did a photo shoot with photographer Alison Jackson!

All right, so they're actually lookalikes who did a spoof shoot, which offered a hilarious glimpse at what observing the holiday will look like for the first-time royal parents!

For instance, check out the Queen, Camilla, Prince William, a fussy Prince George, Kate, and her mom Carole "taking a royal selfie" ...


Ha, looks pretty spot-on to me!

For more on the eerily realistic shoot, the site that commissioned the project, NotontheHighStreet.com, shared a behind-the-scenes video ...

What do you think about this "sneak peek" of Kate's Mother's Day? Do you suspect it may actually look a lot like this?


Image via Alison Jackson/notonthehighstreet/YouTube

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waity... waitykate

As Mother's Day nears,  I wonder if Kate will suddenly feel like dumping little George again. The public has seen no new, decent photos of George for months, in fact he's likely changed so much no one would recognize him.  How "nice" that they're so snotty towards their own public....William and Kate will surely want George accepted by the UK public, or do they really care ?  Likely not. They are busing showing everyone they don't care, including George. Having some "alone time" doesn't have to include leaving the country on a vacation  and not seeing your own baby for a week.

What a pair of losers Waity and Willy are !

nonmember avatar alex

does kate really know what being a mother is all about? Because the nannies look after her baby while shes busy shopping and vacation, we have seen more pics of baby mia with zara than george who is a future king, something is seriously wrong with kate!

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