Kate Gosselin Affair Rumors Heat Up as Bodyguard's Wife Posts 'Suspicious' Pic

Kate GosselinRumors have swirled for years that Kate Gosselin is having an affair with her handsome married bodyguard -- something she has always denied. But now RadarOnline has proof positive that Steve Neild is guarding Kate's body in more ways than one! The gossip site reported a few weeks ago that Kate and Steve were supposedly seen holding hands at a concert -- and now comes the ultimate PROOF that Kate is a homewrecker ... Steve's wife has posted a shot of her family on Facebook! Duh-duh-dahhn! Okay, so that's not exactly proof of anything, but that isn't stopping speculation.

RadarOnline had reported a few weeks ago that Steve and Kate attended a Demi Lovato concert together and held hands. A source said:

They are most definitely a couple and were NOT trying to hide it.

So it's no wonder that now Steve's wife, Gina, would post a photo of herself, Steve, and their two sons to Facebook. Because, really, who does that unless your husband is having an affair with his employer? Nothing says "my husband is cheating" like a smiling Facebook photo. 

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Look, people post pics of their family to Facebook. It doesn't necessarily mean, "This man is mine, step back, beeyatch!" Sometimes a photo is just, you know, a photo.

Considering that Kate and Steve first got tongues wagging back in 2010 when they vacationed together -- and Steve is still married and still employed by Kate -- my guess is there is nothing going on here that Steve's wife isn't a-okay with.

That said, it's easy to see why rumors have cropped up -- because at least in the looks department, Steve is a huge step-up from Jon! (Except for that whole marital status thing.)

Do you think they're having an affair?

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MrsLa... MrsLandon2012

No, I don't. Like you said, it appears that Steve's wife is just fine with him working for Kate. If she wasn't, he either wouldn't be working there anymore or they would be divorced. Plus, since when is RadarOnline a credible news site?

Reina13 Reina13

No, considering that photo was posted on January 13th.  roll eyes

nonmember avatar Cookster

Don't know or care. Take Kate, Kim K. Kris, Justin,and Miley and drop them off in the Indian Ocean.

CAP1015 CAP1015

You Effing Hypocrites!  This is the same person you used to have writing a Blog on this site and you were monitoring/editing negative comments, Kate must have had a no posting about her clause when she left, explains why just now this site is back to bashing her.  I can't stand Kate, she is mentally ill and needs serious help, BUT many of the writers and this site is so freaking hypocritical.  

Shandi80 Shandi80

lol@Cap, Kate's "column" on here was a joke. I think either she got fired or got the hint from the majority of the commenters that saw through her bs. 

nonmember avatar RICK

that isn't any of "OUR" business....is it ??

nonmember avatar Guest

There is something very strange about this female. Severe attitude problems, bossy, controlling and definitely greedy. Why did she even have all those children to begin with? Dumb.

Lacey Tierney

uh, who cares? Stupid bitch who had eight kids. Guess what...my neighbor has eight kids too. No one is praising her.. 

missy... missybest

Whether they are having an affair or not, really isn't any of my business.  If they are having one, I have little respect for either one of them because they are destroying a marriage.  If they are not, then gossip shouldn't be stirred up like this.

nonmember avatar d

Does anyone really care?

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