E.L. James Teases '50 Shades' Fans With Sneak Peek of Next Book (PHOTO)

E.L. james author fifty shadesAfter having been actively involved on the Vancouver set of the Fifty Shades film, E.L. James is back to her old tricks. And by old tricks, I mean she's writing again. Oh my!

The author took to Instagram the other day and teased followers with a photo that has fans flipping out that the author may have another book in the series comin' down the pipeline.

Check it out ...

The author captioned the telling pic with, "It's been a while ..." Since when, Erika? Since you worked on a book, in general, or since you last "met with" Christian Grey via word processor?

Speculation ranges from this being a fourth Fifty Shades installment to a spinoff from the series to another book completely, which James teased in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly:

I've written another book. ... It's very different than Fifty.

I'm guessing it's the latter ... which would obviously be a bummer for Christian and Ana fans. But who knows? If E.L. has the same luck this time around, this "very different" book may end up being a whole new phenomenon unto itself!

What do you think E.L. James has up her sleeve?


Image via E.L. James/Instagram

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Elizabeth Burns

Please please let it be another fifty maybe when the kids are a little older or a spin off of Mia or josa

nonmember avatar alison ellis

I would love it to be Taylors story and his bond with Christian and then with Ana.

nonmember avatar Debbie Usry

Omg hot hot hot I loved every word of these books could not put it down so dissaponited when I was finished I so wanted more of Christian and Ana

nonmember avatar lacedogg22

I hope she goes back and does all the books from Christian's point of view!! That or a 4th book would make me happy!! I love these books so much I've read all 3 twice

nonmember avatar Donna

I really enjoyed 50 shades of grey trilogy. So much so, after I read it, 2 days later I read it again. Found myself both times sitting up to 6 am reading. Couldn't put it down. I personally would like to have a new book written all from Christians view, since we read this from Ana's view. Especially since we were given a taste of what he thought at the end of the book, in "Meet 50 Shades".

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