'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: The Newest Housewife's Weird Meltdown Came Out of Nowhere!

Real Housewives of New York This week on The Real Housewives of New York, we got to know the newest wife, Kristen Taekman, more than ever before. Sure, we got to see bits and pieces of this funny, highly strung broad, but only as we witnessed her navigating Aviva Drescher and Carole Radziwill's latest brawl. Tonight's episode showed us a whole other, more vulnerable -- and less predictable -- side of Kristen.

And she's got a temper to boot! When Kristen was enlisted by her husband to participate in one of those muddy, Spartan type road races, I certainly didn't think she would have a problem. But it became clear that Kristen isn't an athlete and the idea of competing wasn't something she relished to say the least. The day of the race, both Kristen's husband and her new buddy Heather Thomson promised not to leave her side. These were promises they went on to immediately break -- much to Kristen's supreme frustration and annoyance. 

Kristen completely wigged when, after getting a stitch in her side, her friends and her hubby completed the race ahead of her, leaving her in the dust. Well, I guess technically they left her in the mud and barbed wire. While obviously it's no fun coming in last or being left behind, most adults would just grit their teeth and go along with it. Kristen seemed so laid-back before this, but her reaction to being ditched was totally unexpected and pretty immature. 

Maybe there were extenuating circumstances we didn't see, but Kristen's reaction after the race reminded me of nothing so much as a toddler having a total meltdown. Her husband went to congratulate her (after, I might add, cheering her on) for completing the race, and she literally pushed him away and told him she wasn't speaking to him.

Granted, he didn't make things any better by telling her to "man up" over and over again. Nothing was more guaranteed to make her cry. Her reaction was a little baffling and might point toward more tensions in their marriage than we realized were there at the start. 

What did you think of Kristen's meltdown?


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youth... youthfulsoul

I thought her husband acted like a self absorbed insensitive jerk and I could totally relate. My husband used to ditch me everytime we went snow skiing due to our difference in skill levels. Needless to say he's my EX husband now.

nonmember avatar Sydnelle

I felt bad for her, and didn't blame her for being upset. Her husband admitted to downplaying the level of difficulty, because otherwise she wouldn't compete. It was a mean trick, and even meaner that he didn't keep his word and just took off without her. Especially when it seemed the only reason she was there was to be supportive of him. I really like Kristen, she's a breath of fresh air! Brava has done a MUCH better job of picking new housewives for NY than for BH.

nonmember avatar Yolanda

It was ridiculous. I can only imagine the temper tantrums of her children. Holy Moly

Judy Tarver

It wasn't a temper tantrum...it was her feeling betrayed, lied to, and hurt. All of which is what her HUSBAND did. How important it was for him to finish the race as fast as he could instead of staying near his wife who had no idea of the difficulty of it and as a model could have scarred her face or arms crawling under barbed wire. I felt so sorry for her.

nonmember avatar SandeePB

What a NEEDY cry baby and sore sport. Grow up! She should of been happy to finish. What an accomplishment and she totally missed the lesson here. She should've hugged her husband and patted herself on the back.

nonmember avatar Maggie

She should get over herself! Me! Me! Me,
Grow up it"s time she realised that the world does not revolve around her .😤

nonmember avatar Rose devine

We all saw her husband flag out lie to,her. The way she reacted made me think that has happened before.

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