'Little People, Big World' Recap: A New Year's Eve Party Can't Hide Tensions Between Amy & Matt Roloff


Little People Big World Amy and matt Roloff getting divorcedThis week on a special episode of Little People, Big World, the Roloffs dealt with the awkward and sad details surrounding the 'temporary separation' of Matt and Amy Roloff after 26 years of marriage. I put 'temporary separation' in quotations, because as much as Matt (more so than Amy) seems to think that the break is just a pause-button to their marriage, the intense New Year's Eve party couldn't hide the truth that their marriage is as good as over

When Matt ventured over from the guest house on the property where he was staying to borrow supplies from Amy for his boys' poker night, this was painfully clear. Rather than seriously assessing the stresses on his marriage or how to move forward, Matt just made a bunch of jokes about getting half of the family's ice trays. Amy seemed stressed, unhappy, and bitter -- and you can't blame her. While it takes two to tango, the couple made it clear that it was Matt's decision to move out of the family home. 

It kind of doesn't seem fair that Matt can leave his family halfway and still play at being the total family man. While I appreciate the idea of throwing a big party to celebrate the New Year to remind everyone what really matters, it just felt like Matt wanted to erase their problems rather than emphasize the fact that no matter what state his marriage is in, they are a family first.

Amy and Matt have always been very different people. Naturally that's going to create tension. But I think this episode really underlined the fact that the couple has either got to cut and run for real (none of this halfway business) or Matt has got to man up and try to make up some of the ground he's lost with Amy. It seems like she's really hurting right now and that he's kind of oblivious of that. Silver lining -- the kids seem to be doing really well! Also Jeremy, if your plans for your engagement don't work out -- CALL ME. In other news, Matt's brother Sam Roloff seems like the singularly coolest person on the planet. Don't worry -- I've followed him on Twitter. 

Do you think Matt and Amy can make it work?


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Laura Champlain

They found love together the first time they can again. Amy didn't want Matt to leave,she wants to work on their marriage. He thinks you can just sweep things under the rug and they will fix themselves. Matt and Amy need to spend some quality time together to rekindle what they once had. Matt doesn't seem to appreciate Amy very much or that his way is the only way. I liked his comment at the end of the show where he stated his new years resolution would be to not worry over the little things so much but appreciate more. I really hope he means it. Communication,compromise,appreciation of one another is so important. I loved the whole family together,theirs alot of love there. Life is to short to waste and the person many not always been there. Their children all seem very supportive of them finding their way back to each other,I'm praying they do!

abra819 abra819

I really do like this family.

Nancy Ropp

Amy is a chronic complainer. I don't feel sorry for her in the least. Matt seems so much more relaxed. All she can do is run Matt down in front of anyone that will listen. She's a lousy housekeeper that puts herself first. Even when Matt would take her on a birthday road trip and set up things that were on her bucket list, she was thankful. He said he didn't feel welcomed in his own home, which was beautiful. She has said they would work on things but she took her ring off, blaming him because he moved out. Then she shunned him at the New Years Eve party. Would it have hurt her to give him a little peck on the cheek. He seems so much more relaxed. Hopefully, things will work out but I seriously doubt it with her attitude.

nonmember avatar Gregory Ortega

I've been where your at and it was unbearable simply because there's so much love, still. Put away the pride Matt and show Amy how you mean when you say you love her. I did and my ex-wife is my wife again....god bless you both!

Barbara Watters

Amy has always appeared to be very hard on Matt and very negative with him. The fact that she allowed her one son to constantly "defend" her and belittle Matt shows just how little respect she has for him. Without mutual respect, you don't have a relationship.

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