Nikki Ferrell Gets the Ultimate Warning About Juan Pablo’s Player Ways

nikki ferrellI'm not sure how Nikki Ferrell hasn't packed her bags and fled in the middle of the night from Juan Pablo yet. Well, I suppose it's because they don't live together, so I guess I should say that I'm surprised that Nikki Ferrell hasn't broken up with Juan Pablo. Via text or whatever. She's heard the warnings. She's read the blogs. Hell, she didn't even get an "I love you" from the guy, nevertheless a ring. Why is she still with him? Maybe this will give her the push she needs ...

In the latest issue of Us Weekly, a source had this to say about Juan Pablo: "Juan's track record with women is a string of relationships that last for a few months before he lets them fizzle so he can find a new toy to play with. There's nothing he likes more than shiny new things." And a former flame of the Bachelor star's added, "Juan makes you feel special with the way he looks at you and touches you. He casts a spell over the girls he's with. He's so charming that you want to please him."


If those two comments aren't red flags, not sure what are. Run, Nikki, run! Or, you know, call him and tell him you're through. God, it would so much more fun and dramatic if the two of you were living together.

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On some level, Nikki has to know that Juan Pablo isn't the right man for her. I mean, A) she's had conversations with him, B) she saw the show, and C) the world is constantly warning her that he's not a good guy. Dude's a player, plain and simple. It can be spotted from a mile away. He may be good-looking (and they may not see each other very often), but by not breaking up with him, she's just delaying the inevitable.

Like a Band-Aid, just rip it off, Nikki. It might sting for a second, but in the end, you'll be much happier. And it won't get infected. 

Do you think Nikki should end things with Juan Pablo sooner rather than later?


Image via Nikki Ferrell/Instagram

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