Kailyn Lowry Makes a Move So Huge Even She Can't Believe It (PHOTOS)

Kailyn Lowry Isaac Jo Rivera

She's been on a bit of a roller coaster ride to say the least, but it really is amazing just how far Kailyn Lowry has come as far as being civil with her ex, Jo Rivera, goes.

It can't be easy to co-parent when things have been nasty in the past, but based on this new photo she shared on Instagram, it looks like she and Jo are committed to making sure they have an amicable relationship for their son Isaac's sake.

The pic was taken at Isaac's art show at school yesterday, and as you can see, there are smiles all around -- which is so wonderful and refreshing to see. But wait until you see another photo she shared, which will probably make you do a double-take at first.

Kailyn Lowry Vee

Yep. That's Kailyn looking all silly and chummy with Jo's girlfriend Vee. Are you believing this? She even captioned the shot with, "Who would have thought?" And the answer to that is exactly no one.

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This just goes to show how much she's grown up and that her number one priority is definitely her children. She's not only putting Isaac's happiness first -- but she's also making an extra effort to make sure she has good relationships with the people in his life. Man. Isn't it great to see things turning around in such a positive direction for her?

Are you proud of Kailyn?


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Tammy Flores

that is good but u better watch JO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Cobb

yes thats awesome i so agree with getting along with everyone.

Sarah Renae Hensley

That's the only way to be. My daughter's father and step mom and me and my husband all get along and even chit chat! I am very proud of Kail!!!

nonmember avatar mimi

I think its fantastic that she is getting along with everyone in her life, she has had a hard go of it and she is coming out smelling like a rose. I just love her and her family.

Pauline Guadagno

How about it's a TV Show and they know exactly what to do to earn ratings!  Yep, it's a show for entertainment.

nonmember avatar amanda parish

Proud of u, im in the same situation except i dont have feelings for my ex i just think he is making a mistake with the girl hes with cuz shes so young and hes older, and when i get a bf hes always down my throat about who.im with he took my son from me when he was 3 weeks old, i got him back but just be careful u never know what could happen once u start getting along

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